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We live in a strange sick world. We breathe polluted air, drink contaminated water, are bombarded by stress, eat chemically processed food, live in congested cities… Our lifestyles are killing us. We lack exercise, consume unhealthy nutrition, are addicted to mobile devices, abuse drugs and alcohol, lack of quality sleep. If we don’t break this cycle, this cycle will break us.

More and more countries are aware of this problem and keep more emphasis and focus on preventive medicine and sports for their people.

In China, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed at the National Hygiene and Health Conference 19th – 20th August 2016 already:

“Promoting the development of healthy China is our Party’s solemn commitment to the people. Party committees and governments at all levels should put this major public support project on an important agenda, strengthen responsibility, and vigorously promote its implementation”.

When meeting with national sports advanced units and advanced personal representatives on 27th August 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping said: “Sports represent youth, health and vigor. It concerns people’s well-being as well as the future of our nation”.

Various programs, planning outlines, and guidelines including Healthy China 2030, National Fitness Program 2021-2025, National Fitness Guidance, Healthy China Initiative 2019-2030, Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents 2022, etc. are provided, and real actions are taken by governments at all levels.  

Our Values

The Thanyapura Group’s values and services match the government’s visions. Our lifestyle destinations combine hospitality, professional sport coaching and healthy lifestyle treatments under one roof. ‘We Optimize Your Life’ is not just a beautiful slogan, it’s what we do and what we offer.

Combined Concepts

In our resorts and hotels, we focus on personalized health concepts, provide medical and holistic diagnosis, and follow up with medical and natural treatments in long-lasting ways. We combine lifestyle medicine, wellness treatments, and scientific based sports coaching and nutrition management programs for people’s health – whether as a preventive measurement or for dealing with disease recovery, we support our guests to gain greater health and a happier life.

Unrivalled Concepts

We provide quality sports and fitness spaces and facilities while offering various professional sports coaching and holding sports competitions and tournaments, training camps, leisure family-oriented sports activities and events.   

All these makes Thanyapura Resorts and Hotels unrivalled in the hospitality industry anywhere in the world. In the future, after our sports & health resorts and hotels opening in China, we will continue to attract and drive more people to become active and cultivate our guests’, members’, surrounding residents’, partners’ and employees’ sports habits, positive life attitude and healthy lifestyle.