Gareth JonesChief Information Officer

Gareth Jones

Chief Information Officer


Gareth Jones started his career in wireless network engineering based in Auckland, New Zealand and quickly progressed through the ranks of technical support, innovation and leadership roles in the customer experience improvement, field marketing and research industry.

Through his extensive experience leading IT hardware and software development teams on large projects with brands such as Caltex, McDonald’s, American Express, Samsung and Microsoft he has successfully delivered premium bespoke software and business insights solutions for some of the most valued brands in the world.

A New Zealand national, Gareth has lived in various countries around Asia Pacific and enjoys working with different cultures. He has resided in Thailand for over four years, leading 7 countries in the Asia Pacific region as the Regional General Manager in his previous role in Bangkok.

Now based in Phuket, Gareth is passionate about bringing people and technology together using intelligent and efficient solutions at Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort.

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