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Talent Development

Architecture, design, or the quality of all products are of utmost importance for a 5 Star resort/hotel, but we are convinced, that our employees are our greatest assets. And if you have most valuable assets, you must be committed to give them all your full attention and care.

Like in family life, we are committed to create empathetic and happy environments for our people to work in.

The slogan “we optimize your life” does not only count for guests and friends, but also for all our employees. Internally, we call our slogan: ‘We Optimize YOUR Life!’ – ‘We Optimize OUR lives!’

Our KPIs are centered not only on our business, but focus as well on individual goals of our employees for them to achieve ‘a healthy body, a balanced mind and a good heart’, the same we aim our guests to experience and take away from a Thanyapura experience.

Only happy people will provide extraordinary services to our guests, members and surrounding communities.

Professional Friendship

We call the relationship between our employees and the leadership team “professional friendship”:

Our People

We are a group of leaders in the sports resort industry, committed to capture new opportunities and provide the best active living experiences for today’s generation.




Philipp Graf von Hardenberg

Executive Chairman & President

Waeaffal Rahim

Chief Financial Officer
Steven Ye

叶琪 Steven Ye

VP Project Development & Marketing
Daniel Shyr

时求新 Daniel Shyr

VP Hospitality Food and Beverage
Dr Michael Klentez

Dr. Michael Klentez

Medical Advisor

Gareth Jones

Technology Advisor