Fitness Assessment

The pricing of the Phuket General Fitness Assessment is FIRST TIME FREE for members. All members are entitled to a free test then retesting is 1500 baht with member discounts.

The general fitness assessment measures a combination of your body composition and three current levels of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength/endurance, aerobic endurance). The tests are conducted in the gym with our sports scientist in collaboration with our personal trainers. Total time for the test is 30-45 minutes and involves: a sit and reach test, body weight exercises and a 12 minute treadmill run/jog/walk to give an estimation of your VO2max.

Your results are given to you in a summary report, including normative values and future training recommendations.

smiling man and woman doing high five in gym

The report also includes an overall Thanyapura general fitness score, so you can see where your current level of fitness stands. See how your fitness measures up and whether you can make it onto the Thanyapura top 10 general fitness leaderboard!

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