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Facilities & Coaching

Our sports facilities are built to meet the highest standards. This enables us to offer high-performance programs for pro athletes and active people coached by certified professionals, former pro athletes and Olympic trainers. Our aquatics, triathlon, tennis and fitness training courses at the Thanyapura Sports & Health Resort, Phuket enjoy an outstanding international and national reputation.


Thanyapura Phuket Aquatic Training Center is the only FINA approved professional training center in Asia. On an annual basis, international swimming teams from Hungary, Germany, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Canada, Czech Republic, Russia, Singapore, France, Japan, Kazakhstan, etc. train here. In cooperation with FINA and several National Swim Associations, Thanyapura has in a several years training program prepared 12 swimmers for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and 15 swimmers for the Tokyo Olympic Games and more than 40 swimmers for world championships.


The Thanyapura Phuket Tennis Center is officially recognized as one of ‘Asia’s Best Tennis Facilities’. Many pro athletes including former Russian professional tennis player Maria Sharapova have trained here. Thanyapura hosted one ATP tournament and many ITF senior and junior tournaments and is a home for many tennis players in the neighborhood.


We are also recognized by many world famous triathletes as a first-class training destination with our outstanding sport facilities. Famous triathletes including four-time Ironman Chris McCormick and two-time Ironman Patrick Lange trained here. Taking advantage of our expertise and professional coaches, we were the first venue in Thailand to offer Relay Triathlon training and competitions for adults and children.

Training Services

Thanyapura Sports & Health Resorts offer a wide range of professional training services, no matter if it is aquatics, tennis, cycling, running, fitness, yoga, or triathlon, guests can always find what they need from over 100 different group classes and 50 different types of private classes provided by professional coaches and trainers. Each of our instructors brings their own unique set of skills and experience to Thanyapura and our guests. Our facilities and services take a holistic approach to helping people optimize their sport abilities and skills.

Professional Partners & Cooperation

Based on our high standard sports facilities, experienced employees, and professional coaches, by cooperating with sports IP, competition organizers and sports associations, various kinds of professional competitions and tournaments have been held in Thanyapura Resort. Such as ATP Tennis Tournament, ITF Junior Tennis Tournament, ITF Senior Tennis Tournament, Phuket Thailand Open UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour ITF3, Phuket Classic Cycling Event, Laguna Triathlon, Asia Pickle ball Open, Rugby Tournaments etc., which attract countless pro athletes and high-level sports lovers to participate.

Leisure Activities

Thanyapura not only focuses on professional athletes but also creates a great environment for families, sporty groups and active travelers. With the guide of our coaches, guests of all ages can participate in different kinds of fun sports activities and events. To lower the threshold for interested people of sports activities and events, based on the rules of the professional and international events, we create different competition systems and rules for guests of different age, gender and sport ability.


Activities and events including Color Fun Run, King of Mountain Cross Country Running and Mountain Biking Races, 10 Miles Run SUPERSPORTS, Classic Cycling Event, Thanyapura Relay Triathlon, Thanyapura International Swim Meets and etc. have provided great opportunities for all the guests to have fun with each other, to compete with each other, to develop skills with each other and to cultivate the sports habits and healthy lifestyle together and more importantly, to gain the most simple but valuable heartfelt happiness together.  


Perhaps driven and influenced by their parents, more and more children and teenagers are also interested in participating in all kinds of sports. Taking full advantage of our top sports facilities and experienced professional coach team, Thanyapura Sports & Health Resort provided many excellent choices of training camps for children and teenagers. 

We make full use of the children’s playful nature, combine education with fun games, start with team games with less intensity but full of interest, and gradually establish sports foundation and improve physical ability. For teenagers who have a certain understanding of sports and want to further improve specific skills. Thanyapura developed tailor-made training plans, from fine technical action guidance to comprehensive tactical analysis and necessary competitive psychological counselling and spare no effort to train young elite athletes.