Mind training for athletes: The Training Mindset

Training mindset is broken up into four divisions, that help with mind training for athletes. The first is motivation – for example; if you know why you are doing something, the how in your mindset becomes easy. The second is goal setting – a goal should be specific, meaningful, agreed, relevant, time-specific, engaging and record-able (the SMARTER technique). The third is that athletes must boost their self confidence. On the starting line of a race, there are many athletes who think they can win but there is one that knows he can. Often, the winning mentality is what it comes down to.

Lastly, as an athlete you either have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. This can be changed by working on your motivation, goals and self confidence. For example, when someone has a growth mindset, they want to thrive and learn from failure, but someone with a fixed mindset is more likely to give up.

<b>Duration:</b> 55 Minutes/85 Minutes <br>
<b>Price:</b> THB 1,750/2,45O

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