Corporate Mindfulness Training

mindfulness trainingIn modern times, people often suffer from stress and anxiety. At Thanyapura, you can have the luxury of escaping those everyday stressors that can affect your health. Stress can have so many effects on your body, so here at Thanyapura we help to provide you with a way to control this stress through our mindfulness training programmes. We offer tailored programmes, which include mind training, meditation and advice from our experienced on-site mind trainers.

We offer corporate mindfulness training and staff development programs, tailored to the high-pressured corporate workplace that are designed to enhance focus, productivity and creativity, while helping to reduce and manage stress.

Many of the world’s leading business executives and management leaders credit the techniques they learnt during the Thanyapura mindfulness training to enhance their performance in high-pressure roles, while maintaining the mindfulness and balance conducive to a fulfilled life.

Our two and seven-day retreats and workshoMind Training1ps provide you with a unique opportunity to stay in the beautiful and serene environment of Thanyapura, while developing your mind.

We also offer group and private sessions alongside our mind trainers to help you and your group stay focused and mindful.

Thanyapura is a unique and inspiring destination for individuals and groups. This can be from amateur sports enthusiasts and for those looking for a more balanced approach to the management of body and mind, especially to corporate groups looking for motivating offsite retreats.

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