Chiropractic Assessment & Treatment

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that primarily addresses the function of the joints, muscles, and nerves in the body and their effect on the overall health and wellbeing of the individual. Treatment is most commonly used for acute and chronic discomfort or pain from many causes, such as sports injuries, daily wear and tear on the body and also degenerative changes due to aging. Using advanced soft tissue and joint manipulation techniques, chiropractic treatment focuses on removing restrictions and correcting movement dysfunctions of the body. Treatment is practiced in a gentle way with a caring holistic approach and relevant aspects of a person’s life are taken into account; with the goal of improving functional performance, general health and overall well-being

Service Pricing:

  • Initial Assessment & Treatment 60 min: THB 3,500
  • Follow Up Treatment 30 min: THB 2,000
  • Follow Up Treatment 45 min: THB 3,000
  • 10 Sessions of 30 mins each: THB 18,000
  • 10 Sessions of 45 mins each: THB 27,000

<b>Duration:</b> 55 Minutes/85 Minutes <br>
<b>Price:</b> THB 1,750/2,45O

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