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There is always something happening at Thanyapura Sports & Health Resort, Phuket.  Training camps, kid’s camps, daily group classes, health talks, visiting specialists, swim meets and other sporting events are just some of the things you’ll find going on at Thanyapura – both offline and online!

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Upcoming Events & Camps

From June 22, 2020 12:00 am
To January 8, 2021 12:00 am
From June 22, 2020 12:00 am
To January 8, 2020 12:00 am
From October 3, 2020 7:00 am
To November 28, 2020 2:00 pm

Upcoming Group Classes

Events and Camps at Thanyapura Phuket

Run Your Camp Or Event

Let us run your camp for you!  Thanyapura Sports & Health Resort, Phuket is the perfect place to host your camp or event.  We host camps from all over the world and help with setup, operation, accomodation, booking management and everything in between.

Hotel Packages

The easiest way to get involved is to stay with us in our on-site hotel! Whether you book a room with or without a package, you will have access to almost all of our group classes and get special discounts on camps and events.

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Short Term and Long Term Membership Options Available

Guest Feedback

  • Great place, great classes and great coaches!

    Marlis S. Avatar
    Marlis S.

    5 star ratingActive Corona break in Thanyapura Vinyasa Yoga is superb.
    Staff is very friendly and helpful. At the moment there is no...
    read more

    Josipa P. Avatar
    Josipa P.

    I experienced a very interesting evaluation process, was very simple quick, and thorough. I went... read more

    John M. Avatar
    John M.
  • World class facility for Triathlon training and your fitness retreat.

    Sally C. Avatar
    Sally C.

    best sports facility in Asia!

    Edgar T. Avatar
    Edgar T.

    Thanyapura is a fabulous location, and has dedicated, professional coaches. I could not imagine a... read more

    Elli I. Avatar
    Elli I.
  • good morning sir my son age 15 want to be Tritholon player

    Kripal D. Avatar
    Kripal D.

    5 star ratingThanyapura Health & Sports Resort My Dreams! I thank the team of employees of Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort for their excellent... read more

    Yuliya_Kobeleva Avatar

    5 star ratingGreat restorative yoga experience! Me, my mum and girlfriend attend restorative yoga lessons with coach Arnell Daniel Tiongco Garcia.... read more

    HvdPeppel Avatar
  • I enjoy the variety of classes offered at Thanyapura, specifically Softball Pilates. I enjoy my... read more

    Liz E. Avatar
    Liz E.

    5 star ratingExcellent & Healthy Resort The resort is just so awesome, located away from the actions of Phuket makes the... read more

    royramesh Avatar

    I had a great pilates class with my instructor Arnel, it was intense and definitely... read more

    Cathy M. Avatar
    Cathy M.
  • 5 star ratingExcellent tennis coach This is my second time to stay in the resort. Well maintained sport facilities.... read more

    Marisa L. Avatar
    Marisa L.

    4 star ratingA lovely stay in a lovely hotel ! It wasn’t fully open due to covid so food options were limited but it’s a... read more

    OllyDolphin Avatar

    I joined Thanyapura last August. I was never really a 'fitness club' person. But I... read more

    Sylvia R. Avatar
    Sylvia R.
  • The best sport facilities

    Polina F. Avatar
    Polina F.
  • 4 star ratingScope of services is immense Nice room and the place feels like in the middle of a jungle (in a... read more

    FarAway822188 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingUltimate place for a sport holiday Thanyapura is a fantastic place if you want a sport holiday. Very good tennis courts,... read more

    Cjs800 Avatar
  • Everything is excellent. The coaches the facilities the Spa treatments and food we had a... read more

    Graham M. Avatar
    Graham M.
  • Lovely healthy place with amazing food.

    Alexey S. Avatar
    Alexey S.