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AeroMAX Virtual (Indoor)

Bike Fitting that makes you faster!

This is a fully comprehensive bike fit plus aero fit. We analyse and optimise your biomechanically best position, dynamic motion analysis based on video analysis and sensors, plus pressure measurements at the saddle, insoles in cycling shoes and arm pad contact points. Many factors are essential for an aerodynamically perfect position, such as a stable position on the saddle, an open hip angle, and no pain or pressure points on the buttocks, soles of the feet, hands or arms.

“Power” makes you move forwards, yet there is another important variable called “Aerodynamics” that can improve your speed. For example, take 2 Riders with the same FTP, the one with better aerodynamics will go faster. Riders with a lower FTP but better aerodynamics can win against higher FTP riders in the race, which is why you might see some tiny riders who are standing side by side on the podium with the bigger riders

What’s the different between AeroMAX – Virtual and Normal Bike Fit?

The principle of Aero Bike Fitting is to reduce the frontal area that is resistant against the wind, calculating Power saving, Time saving, and Speed improvement using Bioracer Virtual Wind Tunnel program. Individual cyclists have their unique aero position due to their physical condition, such as wide-narrow shoulders, flexibility, or muscular body. That means there is no fixed formulation about the optimum aero position that you can find from general bike fitting programs. With the expertise of Coach JJ together with advanced technology, real-time data output and close feedback during the bike fitting, we can provide you your max optimum aero position that is powerful and still comfortable.

Our AeroMax-Virtual for Triathlon also includes Wireless Saddle Pressure Mapping to improve the saddle comfort without excess pressure, which is one of the biggest concerns of Triathletes who need to spend hours and hours on the bike. With 68 sensors inside, pressure mapping tells us which area of the saddle has too much pressure or too much movement in REAL-TIME. Basically, the frontal area around soft tissue shouldn’t get too much pressure at all time. However, triathletes are more likely to have the saddle problem due to a bike position that rotates forward.

3D Aerofit: Virtual Wind Tunnel:


    • Body Flexibility evaluation
    • Aerodynamic Test with Bioracer Aero (Virtual Wind Tunnel)
    • Motion Analysis with LEOMO Type-R’s
    • Insole Pressure Mapping
    • Saddle Pressure Mapping
    • All testing and measurement are Real-Time result, making the fitting more effective. Even more convenient there are zero wires with Wireless technology.


Participants Duration Member Price Visitor Price
1 : 1 180 Minutes THB 8100 THB 8550

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