This combines aerodynamics and biomechanics using our cutting edge aero tools and motion analysis to help you optimise your position.

In our REALTIME outside sessions, we use the experience we have built up over 20 years of testing cyclists and Coach JJ’s in depth understanding of aerodynamics to optimise your riding position. Each session is attended by Coach JJ who has optimised hundreds of riders.

From those just starting out in time trailing or triathlon to those competing at national championships or as an age group podium contender. We have a service that can be tailored to your requirements to help you achieve your goals.

What can be achieved?

    • Improved aerodynamics.
    • Improved biomechanics.
    • Having obtained quantifiable results using the Notiokonect, we can get closer to that power/aero/comfort sweet spot.
    • Advice on how your bike should be set up to be ridden in a sustainable position for power production and a good CdA.
    • Report and recommendations.

If you are a Triathlete or Road Cyclists, then testing is done on the open road as it is important to test aerodynamics at different yaw angles and wind velocity variations in a real-time environment. If you are a track rider, then we will test on the velodrome as this is the environment you will be racing in.

What Equipment is used to calculate Cda?
The NotioKonect Aerotech is used by Team Astana and other Pro Tour teams, plus many Kona champions. The NotioKonect measures and correlates multiple data in real time, on any bike, that are then downloaded into a complex software programme to accurately calculate Cda.

How do we do the testing?

    • Initial Baseline test at race speed/Power for 2 km out and 2 km back to calculate initial Cda value.
    • Download the data into the software to accurately calculate Cda Value.
    • Perform a step by step series of subsequent tests (approx. 6-8) over the same distance and speed? Power, to determine the lowest Cda value.
    • Each step will change factors such as Aerobar Extension angle, arm pad width, extension width, arm pads lower etc.
    • During each step, we also use biomechanical sensors and EMG sensors to check how any change affects body position and muscle activation to calculate the ‘economy’ gains or lost with each position change.

Metrics measured to calculate Cda:

    • Power
    • Speed
    • Body + Bike Weight
    • Tyre circumference
    • Air Pressure
    • Humidity
    • Air Density
    • Wind Speed
    • Altitude