Sports Activities at Thanyapura

There’s lots going on at Thanyapura.  From over 100 different group classes each week to more than 50 different types of private classes, you will never run out of things to do.  

Most of our group classes are included for our Hotel Guests and Club Members — and as a guest or member of Thanyapura you receive preferential pricing on private lessons.


1_Mon_ALBUM_Group Class July_240701_5
Tue_ALBUM_Group Class July_240701_8
Wed_ALBUM_Group Class July_240701_4
Thu_ALBUM_Group Class July_240701_7
Fri_ALBUM_Group Class July_240701_3
Sat_ALBUM_Group Class July_240701_2
Sun_ALBUM_Group Class July_240701_1

Updated on 28 June 2024