Thanyapura Sports & Health Resort, Phuket has a selection of promotions to help you get started with us!  There are a huge assortment of services at Thanyapura, and our promotions are designed to allow you to experience these yourself.

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Kids Parties

At Thanyapura, we have party decorations with games, activities, food & beverages and cakes for kids parties!

Monthly Hotel Rate

Exceptionally reduced rates for long stays with a minimum of one-month booking, book now and spend every week on a beautiful healthy note.

Learn To Tri Group Class Special Prices

Totally new to triathlon? You can do it! We offer more than just swim, bike and run classes to get you started.

Health Services

Thanyapura Sports & Health Resort, Phuket offers a wide range of health services, targeting lifestyle change and healthy living.

Hotel Offers

CHOOSE YOUR STAY … We have the perfect balance of active holiday offers for you, between a short family weekend escape or a long break for yourself!

Food & Drinks

Thanyapura whole food cuisine is inspired by nature and the changing seasons.


Benefit from a personalised treatment plan from our licensed physiotherapists

Sports Club Membership

We have the facilities and coaches to help you regain your fitness, restore your energy and reconnect with like-minded people.