Each package is designed to be flexible around your goals and expectations for your stay and can be customized to suit any requirements.  Not sure what you want, or want everything?  No problem!  You can add a package to your stay later or book our services a la carte during your stay.  

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Reset and Re-Balance Executive Health Package

Thanyapura’s Reset and Rebalance Program is specifically designed as a ‘reset’ for busy executives that want to regain vitality and energy in their lives.

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Game Changer Package

Be a game changer in your own life. This package is designed specifically for those looking to make a healthy transition to a plant-based lifestyle.

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360° Health Check Up Package

Thanyapura 360 Health is our signature health and wellness assessment tool designed by Thanyapura’s team of physicians, nutritionists, and exercise specialists to help you better understand your body and how it functions.

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Weight Loss Package

Weight loss is not just about dieting; it’s about managing your lifestyle and substituting unhealthy practices with healthy rituals that sustain good health.

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Fit and Healthy Package

This package focuses on the fundamentals of exercise, nutrition, detoxification and bio-chemical balance to get you back into shape and regain your fitness.

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