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Benefits of NAD IV Therapy
Because the NAD+ coenzyme is utilized in a myriad of processes within the
body, there are many benefits associated with NAD IV therapy. The following
is a list of 8 major benefits of NAD IV therapy and how this treatment is
helping a diverse group of patients achieve their health and wellness goals.
NAD IV therapy has been found to:
1. Aid in Addiction Recovery
Addiction is a complex psychological disorder that affects the way messages
are conveyed to and from the brain. The recovery or cessation process can be
a difficult one. In fact, 40 to 60% of people struggling with addiction relapse,
according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
NAD IV therapy is not a cure for addiction. However, it is a powerful tool that
can aid in the recovery process by reducing withdrawal symptoms. By making
the withdrawal period more tolerable, this therapy helps patients transition into
sobriety. NAD IV therapy is a natural alternative to medications that often
pose a greater risk of side effects, and it works well in conjunction with
counseling or psychotherapy. NAD IV therapy has been used to help patients
detoxify from alcohol, opioid, chemical, and prescription drug dependencies.
2. Reduce Pain
Sirtuins are a family of protein molecules that have been found to play
a crucial role in the body’s inflammatory response and antioxidant expression.
Basically, certain sirtuins can reduce inflammation, which in turn, alleviates
pain. Sirtuins require the NAD+ coenzyme in order to function properly,
so NAD IV therapy fuels this process of pain reduction.
3. Improve Cognitive Function
In addition to their impact on inflammation and pain, sirtuins have the ability to
improve cells’ resistance to stress and can slow the process of cognitive
decline. NAD IV therapy provides sirtuins with the NAD+ coenzyme they
require in order to:

  •  Improve mental clarity
  • Boost memory
  •  Improve mood
  •  Facilitate brain regeneration
  •  Improve concentration
  •  Increase one’s ability to focus
  •  Boost neurological function
  •  Reduce symptoms of depression
    4. Boost Energy
    Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is commonly referred to as “molecular
    currency” because it is essentially the source of energy for our cells. ATP is
    the fuel that supports many processes within the body, including cellular
    respiration, replication of DNA, and muscle contractions. NAD IV therapy aids
    the production of ATP within the body, which in turn boosts energy levels and
    reduces feelings of tiredness or exhaustion. NAD IV therapy is often
    prescribed to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS. It can also help people
    recovering from jetlag.
    5. Improve Athletic Performance
    Athletes and anyone looking to improve their physical performance will benefit
    from NAD IV therapy’s ability to boost energy and cognitive function, as
    mentioned above. After all, having more energy and being able to think clearly
    is sure to improve reaction times and overall performance during training and
    competitions. In addition, the NAD+ coenzyme plays a vital role in muscle
    development. NAD IV therapy helps maintain muscle health by supplying your
    body with ample fuel to not only fire muscles during a workout but repair them
    afterwards, so you can build stronger muscles and increase muscle mass.
    6. Help with Weight Management
    The NAD+ coenzyme plays an important role in the human body’s metabolic
    process. When NAD IV therapy is used in conjunction with a proper diet and
    regular exercise, it can help patients maintain a healthy weight. This can be
    particularly useful as patients age and metabolism naturally begins to slow
    7. Reverse Signs of Aging
    We discussed how sirtuins can affect cognitive function, inflammation, and
    pain management, as well as how these deacetylases are dependent upon
    NAD+. One sirtuin in particular, known as Sir2p, also plays a role in the aging
    process and the overall healthspan of the body. NAD IV therapy impacts the
    effectiveness of Sir2p, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and
    wrinkles, and reverse certain symptoms of aging.
    8. Delay or Prevent the Onset of Certain Diseases
    While research is still ongoing and more studies are needed to fully
    understand the impact of the NAD+ coenzyme on various conditions,
    scientists have found a connection between this vital enzyme and several
    cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Lowered levels of NAD+ have been
    linked to diabetes and fatty liver disease, among other conditions.

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