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Initial Sports Nutrition Consultation

Price: THB 2500

A nutritional evaluation more focused for athletes. This consultation also includes a body composition analysis and functional assessment.

This is an evaluation for athletes looking to improve their body composition and enhance their performance. Dietary recommendations are customized to individual requirements and focus on optimal fuel choices before, during, and after performance as well as strategies for recovery and injury prevention and timing meals for increased energy.

  • The nutritionist will review your food consumption, activity level and perform a body composition evaluation to check progress and modify nutrition plan, if needed. A follow up consult is recommended every 7-14 days to monitor progress and make adjustments.
  • Review nutrition plan based on goals and objectives, update meal plan as needed, and discuss emotional barriers and points of resistance to moving forward.
  • Reassess food records and meal plans, revise nutrition intake, develop healthy eating habits, and share tips to cope with events where meals are less structured (traveling, vacation, holiday meals)
  • Follow up consults can be performed in person or via electronic chat platform (WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype)

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