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Follow Up Chiropractic Treatment

Price: THB 2000
Price: THB 3000
Price: THB 3500

Book your follow up Chiropractic adjustments.

In most cases, one treatment will indeed improve your range of motion, reduce pain and muscle tightness. A follow up visit is crucial in making permanent improvement in the condition causing the symptoms you are experiencing.

We always prefer that clients return for a follow-up appointment within a few days so that we may re-evaluate their condition and the effectiveness of treatment.

Healing is a process so it is impossible for your body to fully recover in one visit. In each subsequent visit, we will track improvement and continue to access and modify each treatment for the level of dysfunction found.

For a variety of reasons not everyone gets total relief and improvement will plateau. At that point we will suggest a number of options including other forms of treatment as well continuing chiropractic on an as needed basis; you come for treatment when your body tells you it is time for an adjustment.

Chiropractic Treatment is beneficial for acute and chronic discomfort or pain from sports injuries, daily wear and tear on the body, trauma, and also degenerative changes due to aging. Using advanced soft tissue and joint manipulation techniques, chiropractic treatment focuses on realigning the body and eliminating impingements that cause pressure on the nerves and musculoskeletal system. The goal of treatment is to improve functional performance, general health and overall well-being

  • 20 Minutes THB2000
  • 45 Minutes THB3000
  • 60 Minutes THB3500

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