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Price: THB 500

BEMER physical vascular therapy can improve restricted blood flow in the smallest blood vessels and thereby support the body’s self-healing and regeneration processes.

Circulation is the body’s supply system, and 75% of the circulatory system is located in the area of the smallest blood vessels (microcirculation). Blood cells deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues and organs, and on their way back they pick up waste products for disposal. This supply-and-disposal process enables cells to perform their many life-sustaining and energy-producing tasks.

The pumping action of these smallest blood vessels can be slowed by too much stress, too little sleep, ageing and disease, poor nutrition habits and unhealthy living — problems that affect the vast majority of people. The slower-moving blood cells become unable to fulfil their tasks, and the long-term impact on tissues and organs can lead to declining physical and mental health and greater risk for illness and disease.

The BEMER system uses electromagnetically transmitted signals to stimulate the pumping movement of the smallest blood vessels, normalising restricted or impaired microcirculation blood flow. The body’s disease-fighting capabilities are strengthened and physical and mental performance improves.

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