Health Services at Thanyapura

Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort, Phuket features a lifestyle clinic offering a wide range of preventive services and treatments.  

Visit our location in Phuket, or talk to our friendly licenced medical practitioners online from anywhere in the world.

We also have an assortment of packages that can be booked with accomodation in our beautiful on-site hotel situated adjcent to a national park

Sport Massage

THB 3000

Advanced Health Checkup

Thanyapura’s advanced checkup is recommended for persons who have not had blood tests for greater than 24 months.
THB 13750

ES -Teck BIOScan

Analyses the performance of various systems by detecting the electrical feedback from individual cells on 22 points on the body.
THB 5000

Sports Kinesiology Taping

Have your supportive Kinesio tape applied & learn how to apply yourself.
THB 1650


Coolsculpting is an innovative fat freezing technology to safely target and kill fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue.
THB 12500

Rectal Ozone

Ozone administered rectally has therapeutic benefits for treating the gut, liver, prostate, and haemorrhoids. It also increases oxygenation and supports detoxification.
THB 2800

Electrocardiogram Testing (EKG)

An EKG is a noninvasive diagnostic procedure that translates the heart’s electrical activity. This information can assist the physician in detecting abnormalities in heart rate and rhythm and rule out any irregularities that may require additional intervention.
THB 700

Ozone Skin Treatment

Ozone therapy is a safe, non-toxic treatment for fungal, bacterial and viral infections and wound healing because it is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.
THB 4200

L Carnitine Injection

L Carnitine is known as an effective therapy to lose fat
THB 650

Recovery Formula Basic

Vitamin C, B vitamins, and minerals including magnesium to reduce fatigue, and shorten recovery time.
THB 2000

Nutrition Assessment Package

This package includes one Initial Nutrition Assessment and two remote Follow-up consults
THB 5500

Initial Consultation & Body Composition Analysis

This is an evaluation of food consumption patterns, caloric intake and nutritional requirements to improve body composition and overall health.
THB 2500

Energy Formula Basic

A powerful antioxidant combination to protect against free radical damage, support the immune system, detoxify the liver, and stimulate energy production at the cellular level.
THB 5200

Oligoscan Heavy Metals Testing

When your body tissue accumulates excessive amounts of heavy metals, your health is at risk of toxicity which adds risk to developing more serious conditions. You may even be experiencing symptoms associated with accumulated toxic heavy metals such as fatigue, brain fog and other symptoms associated with mineral imbalances.
THB 5000

Angel of Water

The Angel of Water provides safe, effective colon cleansing in a private setting. The system uses filtered, temperature-controlled gravity flow water to irrigate the colon and facilitate the removal of faeces.
THB 1800

Intravenous Ozone

Ozone infusion therapy stimulates the immune system to promote faster healing.
THB 2800

Lifestyle Consultation

A complimentary no-obligation appointment with our lifestyle specialist.

Urine Indican test

The Urine Indican test is a non-invasive urine test which will reveal the level of Indican in the urine.
THB 1250

Rectal Probiotic Implants

THB 500

Healing Touch Bio Energy Therapy

Healing Touch is an energy therapy in which practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centred and intentional way to direct bio-energy in the body to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
THB 3500

Work Permit & Driver’s Licence Checkup

A doctor’s certificate as per the Thai goverment requirements.
THB 700

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

The CDSA is a noninvasive evaluation of gastrointestinal function. It can pinpoint imbalances in inflammation, gut flora, enzymes, fatty acids, bacterial overgrowth and beneficial gut flora, as well as screen for parasites.
THB 27000

Initial Physio Assessment & Treatment

Meet with our Physio for your 60 minute initial assessment & treatment plan.
THB 2500

Human Growth Hormone (Pfizer Genotropin)

Human Growth hormone is considered the fountain of youth hormone and naturally declines as we age. It is responsible for our energy levels, muscle mass, hair skin and nail quality, immune function and more.
THB 17850

PRP for Pain

PRP uses a high concentration of the body’s own platelets to heal injured or inflamed muscle tissue.
THB 9000

Urine Organic Profile

The urine organic acid profile test is a simple urine test which will reveal the levels of neurotransmitters, vitamins and minerals, metabolic function, antioxidants, bacterial or fungal balance and environmental toxins found in the body. Irregularities in these levels can cause fatigue, mood disorders, digestive disorders, hormone imbalance, oxidative stress and more.
THB 13950

Vitamin B12 Injection

Vitamin B12 is an effective therapy to boost mood, energy levels, memory, and digestion.
THB 1020


THB 1000

Advanced Performance Health Checkup

The ultimate health checkup.
THB 16060

Healthy cooking class

THB 2800

Chiropractic Rehabilitation Exercise

This is a one-on-one training to rehabilitate injuries
THB 3500

Individual Meal plan

THB 1000

Vaginal Ozone

Ozone has anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties to effectively treat vaginal, uterine, ovarian or lower abdominal problems, including pelvic inflammatory diseases.
THB 2800

Micronutrient Test

A simple blood test will determine the levels of 17 vitamins and minerals and antioxidants which can help you identify these potential deficiencies or excesses. There are many symptoms and physiological effects that could result from altered levels of micronutrients including a weak immune system, increased inflammation, increased free radical damage.
THB 16500

Testosterone Injection

Testosterone replacement therapy can greatly boost energy levels and increase muscle mass
THB 11995

Specific Athletic Evaluation & Treatment

Meet with our Chiropractor for a 60 minute athletic evaluation & treatment.
THB 4000

Thanyapura in House Meal Program

THB 1850

Initial Assessment & Exercise with Oxygen Therapy Session

From increased weight loss to faster athletic recovery, inducing hyperoxia with EWOT has some phenomenal benefits in just one 30 minute session.
THB 2000


Heavy metals are found in our food and environment and are difficult for our body to naturally eliminate.
THB 4500

Customised Supplements

Our customised supplements make it easy to replenish low levels of vitamins and minerals.
THB 300

Follow Up Exercise with Oxygen Therapy Session

Book your follow up EWOT sessions. You must complete the initial assessment before booking this therapy.
THB 600

Brain Support Formula

Intravenous neuropeptide that improves concentration, battles fatigue, decreases irritability, anxiety and cravings.
THB 5000

Coffee Enema

Coffee Enema’s are an effective way to support the detoxification of the body.
THB 1300

Liver Detox Formula Basic

Myer’s Cocktail + Alpha Lipoic Acid + N Acetyl Cysteine Powerful antioxidant formula to support liver detoxification and eliminate toxins from the body.
THB 4000

Hormone Check-up Female

Sex hormones, thyroid and stress hormones, cancer risk and Vitamin D levels
THB 7150

Initial Sports Nutrition Consultation

A nutritional evaluation more focused for athletes. This consultation also includes a body composition analysis and functional assessment.
THB 2500

Beauty Boost Formula Basic

Vitamin C + Glutathione provide powerful antioxidants that support collagen production, detoxify the liver and lighten and brighten the skin
THB 2300


BEMER physical vascular therapy can improve restricted blood flow in the smallest blood vessels and thereby support the body’s self-healing and regeneration processes.
THB 250

Food Intolerance Test

A simple blood test is available to measure the reaction of body’s IgG antibodies to nearly 200 common food items known to cause food sensitivities.
THB 14530

Fat Loss Formula

Amino Acids + L Carnitine + Alpha Lipoic Acid stimulates metabolism, mobilises fatty acids and improves detoxification to help you burn fat more efficiently.
THB 5000

General Health Checkup

A general health checkup and blood test is recommended for people of all ages at least once a year.
THB 4250

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