Thanyapura’s licensed physiotherapists aim to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functionality throughout life. We will personalise a treatment plan for you, while utilising specialised techniques and cutting edge technology such as; ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, cryotherapy, heat therapy and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

Chiropractic Rehabilitation Treatment at Thanyapura Phuket

Physiotherapy Services

In addition to individual assessments and physiotherapy sessions, we offer a wide range of additional services to help with prevention of injury, as well as comprehensive rehabilitation programs.


Meet with our licenced physiotherapists to find out what the best treatment plan is for you.  

Physiotherapy at Thanyapura Phuket
Yoga Group Class by Coach Jay

Health Packages

We offer a selection of health packages suitable for guests either staying elsewhere in Phuket, or combined with a stay at Thanyapura in our beautiful hotel surrounded by lush jungles in a fun, active environment.  Not sure what you need, or need a bit of everything?  No problem!  All of our packages are customisable – talk to one of our friendly wellness advisors for complimentary advice.


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