Thanyapura Lifestyle Clinic

Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort, Phuket features a world class on-site Lifestyle clinic practicing lifestyle medicine, with fully licenced medical practitioners and ISO accredited services & facilities.  We combine the key elements for sustainable lifestyle modification for people of all lifestyles.


Thanyapura’s Lifestyle Clinic has a team of friendly, certified and experienced medical professionals from all over the world.  Rest assured you are receiving personalised care from the best in the industry. 

Thanyapura Lifestyle Clinic Consultations
Thanyapura Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

Preventive Services

Thanyapura’s Lifestyle Clinic specializes in preventive lifestyle medicine.  From general health check-ups to comprehensive chronic disease reversal programs, we combine nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness under licensed medical doctor advice to help you make significant and long lasting changes to your lifestyle.

Health Packages

We offer a selection of health packages suitable for guests either staying elsewhere in Phuket, or combined with a stay at Thanyapura in our beautiful hotel surrounded by lush jungles in a fun, active environment.  Not sure what you need, or need a bit of everything?  No problem!  All of our packages are customisable – talk to one of our friendly wellness advisors for complimentary advice.

Yoga Group Class by Coach Jay
IV Treatment at Thanyapura

IV Therapies

Immune Boosts, Energy Boosts, High Dose Vitamin C, NAD+ and Myer’s Cocktail are just some of the signature IV therapies Thanyapura’s Lifestyle Clinic offers.  All IV therapies start with a doctor’s consultation and medical history check so you know they’re safe and suitable for you.


Thanyapura’s Lifestyle Clinic offers a wide range of supplements and nutraceuticals to suit your daily needs.  We can customise supplements specific to your body’s requirements after performing a blood test at our Lifestyle Clinic in Phuket.  We can ship your order anywhere in the world and continue to fulfil your requirements long after your visit to Thanyapura.

Supplements at Thanyapura Phuket

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