Colon Hydrotherapy in phuket

Administered by our trained colonic therapist, colon hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle infusion of warm water into the colon which supports the removal of encrusted feces, gas and mucus.

This allows for increased absorption of vital nutrients through the large intestine which in turn leaves you feeling rejuvenated and healthier. Colon hydrotherapy tones and reshapes the colon and can improve elimination, skin disorders, indigestion, allergies, fatigue, body odor, constipation and diarrhea, bloating and excessive gas, poor concentration and headaches

6 SIGNS you need to cleanse your colon

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Pale skin and acne
  • The digestive problems
  • Poor concentration
  • Bad breath and body odor

benefits of colonic hydrotheraphy

  1. Makes the digestive system more effective
  2. Maintains regularity and prevents constipation
  3. Kickstarts weight loss
  4. Increases energy
  5. Improves concentration
  6. Decreases risk of colon cancer
  7. Increases body’s absorbtion of vitamins and minerals
  8. Increases fertility
  9. Maintains pH balance in the bloodstream
  10. Improves whole body wellbeing


Thanyapura’s Chiropractic services are performed by resident Chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Walton.  Dr. Thomas is licenced in both Thailand and the USA, with over 25 years of clinic experience and specializes in fine tuning the body for optimal performance.

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We offer a selection of health packages suitable for guests either staying elsewhere in Phuket, or combined with a stay at Thanyapura in our beautiful hotel surrounded by lush jungles in a fun, active environment.  Not sure what you need, or need a bit of everything?  No problem!  All of our packages are customisable – talk to one of our friendly wellness advisors for complimentary advice.


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