Alexander Tikhonov was a competitive swimmer under the Russian national team for 12 years. In this period, he had multiple opportunities to train in the US and around Europe during his swimming career and with that hard work came numerous achievements. He is a 19-time Russian Champion, 8-time Russian record holder, 2-time Olympian (2008, 2012), Silver and Bronze medalist at the European Championships and Silver, Bronze medalist at the World University Games.

Having over a decade of qualified coaching experience in Europe and Asia, Coach Tikhonov can be described as an easy-going, sociable coach. He is always ready to help his swimmers fine-tune their performance in the water.

Prior to becoming a head coach in Thanyapura, Coach Alexander spent 2 years as an associate coach under Miguel Lopez, former Thanyapura head coach. This opening has given him even more experience and equipped him to be an even better coach to date.