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Things You Should Know To Enjoy Cycling In Phuket

Phuket is often known as the ultimate vacations destination. From mountain to beach, from forest to city market to charming old town, the island offers a full range of enjoyment, including for bicycle’s enthusiasts. If Phuket is on your bucket list for a holiday ride, we have some tips you should know before you pack your gear and take off.

Customs Gate


Bringing your bicycle in Phuket is not a big deal. The Phuket Customs Office says that any personal bicycle that is brought into Phuket needs to be declared for a temporary admission. You need to prepare all the basic documents such as passport, visa, picture of yourself, etc. as well as a picture of the bicycle, then report to the customs office that the purpose of importing the bike is for temporary travel and sport and specify the date that the item will be re-exported.

Alternatively, you can always rent a bike from a reliable company once you arrive in Phuket.

Accommodation with Cycling Friendly Facilities


Look for accommodations that help support your lifestyle and your precious gear like sports hotels, resorts, or villas that allow your bicycle inside with a proper holder. Thanyapura Sports Hotel offers a wide range of facilities and services that serve your sporty need while located in an active environment and convenient area to go out and ride.

Traffic Rules and Lanes


Cycling in Phuket through the crazy traffic, especially in the prime time from 7.30am – 9am, is not much friendly for cyclists. It is good to know that there is currently no bicycle lane in Phuket so, be always careful on the road (and side road) and beware of the cars and motorbikes which are everywhere. Minivans are also famous for being so fast and harmful. The best choice is trying to stay near the footpath on the left side which is the lane usually used by motorbikes. Fortunately, cycling has become more popular in Thailand and Phuket so people became more aware of cyclists in general.

Cycling Destinations


Across Phuket, there are many different charming spots to ride, from the quietest to the most crowded to serve your style.

South Side: Try riding up the mountain of Phrom Thep Cape, which leads you to the breathtaking Windmill View Point offering endless ocean scene as well as Phrom Thep Cape itself, where you will admire the last sunset of Phuket and Thailand. The area nearby also includes beautiful beaches, such as Nai Harn Beach, Ya Nui Beach, and Rawai Beach making you enjoy the salt in the air along the way.

North Part: This part of the island is well-known for its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Riding up to the hill along Khao Phra Taeo National Park is one of the most natural, calm and safe ways to go on a smooth road in the middle of shady big trees. Also, if you want to continue further, the road to Sarasin Bridge is a classic for Phuket cyclists as the road is not too busy and you will probably get to meet new cycling buddies, too.

East Coast: Try Ao Makham (Makham Bay) area, the road to Ao Makham is a wide, long, straight way which is pretty friendly for bicycles. There are plenty of things to visit including the Phuket Aquarium and the beautiful and quiet Panwa Beach. In the neighbouring area, you can also visit the Sea Gypsy Village (Laem Tuk Kae) to experience their local lifestyle.

West Coast: Beach road is the punching line of this side of the island. The west coast consists of famous beaches including Karon, Kata, Patong, Kalim, and Kamala. You can ride along and observe the numerous tourists enjoying the beach lifestyle while working hard on the numerous slopes in between each city.

For an in-depth guide to cycling route in Phuket, have a look at Ride with GPS compilation we created.

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