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IMPORTANT snake anti-venom information Phuket

Snake anti-venom – Phuket Hospitals

Snake season is upon us here on the island of Phuket, Thailand and it is important to know which hospitals have the snake anti-venom  that could save your life

This article details all the hospitals that have anti-venom for the each snake breed. We have attached photographs of the certain snakes as well, just so you can figure out which snake bit you. Remember that going to a wrong hospital could put your life in danger, so make sure you know where to go.



Cobras are found all around Thailand, especially in Phuket. This venomous snake can climb and swim but mainly dwells on flat land in a variety of places, which include rice fields, rubber plantations, villages, and even cities.

They are more active at night but can prey during the day also. They eat frogs, rats, ducks, chicks, toads and if they feel threatened, they straighten up, make their neck flat and hiss at their prey.

If you don’t react, or remain calm, they usually leave. Their colour varies – they can be light beige, to dark brown and grey. There are also various types of cobra snakes, and some spit! So, be careful!

Hospitals in Phuket that have snake anti-venom for Cobra snakes:


King Cobra

p1733pgvv1157o1mc61fuvksc1g2h0_29100King Cobras live for up to 20 years and can grow in size up to 5.5 metres in length, and weight more than 9kgs. The King Cobra can stand up and make themselves look as tall as humans, which is one of the features that makes them so dangerous.

They also hiss like a growling dog and flare their neck out to scare prey.

Hospitals in Phuket that have snake anti-venom for King Cobra snakes:

  • Vachira Hospital – 076 361 234
  • Thalang Hospital – 076 311 033


Green Viper


Green Vipers, or pit vipers, reach an average length of 60cm, and males are usually smaller than females. The female Green Viper can be as long as 100cm.

They can be found all around Southeast Asia, but mostly in the south of Thailand in Khao Sok National Park and Phuket. They usually elevate themselves up to 1,200 metres above ground level in the forest and jungle, especially in the coastal mangrove. These snakes are mostly nocturnal but can be found during the day especially after rain. During the day, the Green Viper rests in trees between 2 to 3 metres off the ground.

These poisonous snakes eat birds, rats, frogs and lizards. They usually form an s-shape when they are about to attack. The strike distance is usually around .3 metres. They strike while exposing their fangs and white tissue and can strike very quickly.

Their venom is very strong, and potentially deadly. This type of venom does not usually result in death to humans but it is always best to get snake anti-venom if you

Hospitals in Phuket that have snake anti-venom for Green Viper snakes:

Vachira Hospital – 076 361 234


Banded Krait Snake


This snake lives on the ground, mostly covered underneath rocks other other cool places. The Banded Krait Snakes are mostly nocturnal and tend to be very active at night, and are usually very lethargic during the day.  They usually bite, or strike when a person is sleeping. They eat mice, rats, lizard and frogs if they cannot find other snakes.

Their venom is very toxic and can be deadly so it is best to find snake anti-venom as soon as possible after getting bitten.

Hospitals in Phuket that have snake anti-venom for the Banded Krait Snake:

  • Vachira Hospital – 076 361 234


Malayan Krait Snake

Snakes Phuket

These snakes often stay on flat ground and don’t go higher than 1,200m above ground. They prefer staying near water, rice fields and dams and often invade rat holes to use it as a nest.

They are usually active at night because they don’t like the sun and prey on lizards, frogs, mice, and other small animals, but they don’t tend to bite unless they are provoked.

Their venom is very toxic and can shut down the human nervous system. Death usually occurs 12-24 hours after a bite is not treated.

Hospitals in Phuket that have the snake anti-venom for the Malayan Krait Snake:

  • Vachira Hospital – 076 361 234


Siamese Russell’s Viper Snake

Snakes Phuket

The Siamese Russell’s Viper Snake is a highly fast and dangerous snake. It can reach lengths of up to 5 metres, and uses its length to attack prey.

A person who was bitten before received more than 30 vials of snake anti-venom just to survive – this is not uncommon after getting bitten by the Siamese Russell’s Viper Snake.

This viper has a triangular head and its fangs are very big.


Hospitals in Phuket that have the snake anti-venom for the Siamese Russell’s Viper Snake:

  • Vachira Hospital – 076 361 234


Rattle Snake

Snakes PhuketRattlesnakes usually have two large fangs right at the front of their mouth and can grow as long as 2.5 metres, with the common feature of a ‘rattle’ at the end of their tails. They shed their skin several times a year and their venom is highly poisonous and destroys red blood cells. It can be fatal so it is best to find snake anti-venom as soon as possible, after being bitten. It is better to be safe.

There are several hospitals around the island of Phuket that house the snake anti-venom for rattlesnakes.

Hospitals in Phuket that have the snake anti-venom for the Rattle Snake:

  • Bangkok Phuket Hospital – 076 254425, 1719
  • Vachira Hospital – 076 361 234
  • Mission Hospital – 076 237220, 5
  • Thalang Hospital – 076 311 033
  • Takua Tung Hospital – 076 581 395
  • Patong Hospital – 076 342 633, 4


Non-venomous snakes

Although these snakes can bite you, or frighten you, they are not poisonous so you should not die if you get bitten by one but it is best to be cautious when around them and avoid them if possible. Go to the hospital if you are unsure which snake you were bitten by. Remember, everyone reacts differently to snake bites.

Rough Green Snake

Snake anti-venom







Sunbeam Snake