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How L-Carnitine helped me lose 100 pounds

L-Carnitine is the ultimate go to for weight loss and bodybuilding. How do I know this? I lost 100lbs and this was in my arsenal. Let me show you the many benefits of sucking this down after a meal or before crushing a set at the gym.

Let’s get some of the chemistry stuff out of the way.

L-carnitine is biosynthesized using the amino acids Lysine and Methionine. In certain cells, like eukaryotic cells, it is necessary for the transportation of fatty acids in that open space of the mitochondrial intermembrane to the processing plant where the breakdown occurs of lipids into energy.

In short, pinch an area of flab you want to get rid of. You can do this any number of ways; exercise and nutrition are great starting points. Want a healthy way to jack up the process? L-carnitine is going to round up the fatty acid in those cells and burn them up.

The first question you are likely going to ask is; is this bad for my heart like most thermogenics?

It is true that L-carnitine works like most thermogenics on the market. But one thing you can be assured of is that not only is it good for your heart health, it is essential. We are going to go into that in more detail below.

Ready for the super awesome side effects? Me too. Let’s roll.

L-Canitine for Heart healthHeart Health – I opted to list this one first because as I mentioned above, this is often the first concern I hear when I tell people this will give you a massive boost in energy and fat loss.

Those people have a right to be concerned too. Many of the supplements on the available market offer energy boosting, fat burning components with the side effect of maybe one day your heart explodes.

Don’t worry about that here. In fact, L-Carnitine is given to patients who have experienced a heart attack to prevent them from having another. This is one of the top supplements given to people with heart disease. You can confirm this through research but please do cross check references.

If I were to rely on that one Harvard medical study that gave saturated fats a pass while making a villain out of L-Carnitine I probably still wouldn’t be able to look at my feet past my massive belly and likely would have suffered a major heart attack by now.

There are thousands of studies dating from the present back to early 1900’s all conflicting with this one that came out. I get my heart checked on a regular basis and every doctor tells me I have a ticker of a teenager. This after I suck down a bottle of L-Carnitine every week.

On a side note, a lot of sources that originally circulated this rubbish have since had it remove.

L-Canitine for Fat LossFat Loss – Here we are, full circle.

Back to the inch you pinched.

That old fat loss we all seek. Well here is the sauce to speed up the loss. L-Carnitine is mean if you are looking to get lean. See what I am doing here. It’s all true, though. We know the difference between healthy fats and bad fats is the length of that chain in fatty acids.

This is why triglycerides are so bad for you. Well, L-carnitine is going to oxidize these bad boys into production for energy. This isn’t giving you a pass for chowing down Doritos while taking shots of L-Carnitine. But if you must, and I have, it is a way to curve the downside.

One of the hardest types of fat to attack is visceral fat, this is behind the abdominal wall. You can do ab crunches and core exercise until you are blue in the face but will address little of the fat surrounding your organs. This is the most lethal fat, of all, because this is what will lead to organ failure.

A shot of L-carnitine and you and well on your way to ridding your body of this troublesome visceral fat. This will help reduce the risk of heart disease, liver failure, and other fat related problems.


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L-Canitine for Muscle GainMuscle Gain – To start the FDA Food and Drug Administration approved L-Carnitine for dialysis patients to use to reduce muscle loss. Are you ready for some science?

When you are kicking butt in the gym, your need for fatty acids and glucose increase. This is a no brainer. But did you know that L-Carnitine reduces respiratory quotient, which is the ratio of CO2 produced to O2 Consumed. What does that mean in laymen terms?

The lower the ratio the less your body needs to utilize glucose and goes right for the glucose. Which means it won’t be pulling it from your muscle mass. This is going to help with muscle decay.

Using the ol’ phrase; no pain, no gain, using L-Carnitine will give a boost to the performance in the gym. If we apply that to the logic of whatever challenges you changes you, then we can expect a rapid boost in athletic performance and gains just from applying this one tool. When we add in the fact of not only increased performance but reduced fatigue and increased recovery, L-Carnitine becomes the ace in the hole we always wanted in the gym.

Brain Function – Now we are going to get into my favorite topic, Nootropics. Yes, this wonder sauce called L-Canitine for Brain FunctionL-carnitine is great for the brain too. Here is a list of the many brain boosting benefits you can get with a shot of L-Carnitine.

  • Improvement of alertness and reduction of fatigue
  • Increase ATP, Mitochondrial Energy Production
  • Neuroprotective benefits
  • Improves Circulation and is great for addressing oxidative stress.

My recommendations for using L-Carnitine as a neurotrophic is to use Acetyl-L-Carnitine which is superior to Carnitine in passing the blood brain barrier.

We know that the brain is one big blob of fat and that is what makes it function. But having too much longer chain lipids floating around in the brain can slow down its function.

Taking L-Carnitine will help clear out those impeding lipids from reducing brain function. It will also help to rid the brain of toxins that will slow down the brain energy production.

We hear the word detox thrown around a lot. A lot of people are either coming off or going on a detox. But how many know what it is they are meant to detox their body from? For instance, removing heavy metals which can lead to a massive decline in cognitive health as it accumulates naturally in the brain through various environmental factors. I’ll tell you, L-Carnitine is great at sweeping up all these heavy metals and flushing them out of our system. In this activity alone you will notice and increased awareness and mental clarity.

L-Canitine for body defenseImmune System – It’s fair to say that when you are sick, your body feels drained. When the body is under attack by pathogens it requires large amounts of cellular energy.

L-Carnitine is going to give that cellular energy a boost. Keep in mind, though, that often when your body is fighting off an infection your L-Carnitine levels will be depleted. L-Carnitine also protects cells against oxidative stress and free radicals. L-Carnitine is so effective that it is often used in the treatment of patients with AIDS.

We have discussed previously that L-Carnitine is awesome for riding the body of Lipids (fats), which goes hand in hand with Lipids role in immunosuppression activity. Even at low doses L-Carnitine can increase the T-Cell count.

L-Canitine Slows down age progression

Slows the aging process – It’s inevitable that as we age our bodies begin to fail us. For some that reality can become an even greater nightmare when they can no longer recognize who they are, who they love, or how they got where they are. Alzheimer’s disease is horrible for anyone who has ever witnessed it. The good news is that a couple of shots of L-Carnitine over a course of six to twelve months can slow that progression down to a crawl. If you start a regiment of use years before onset you may never have to live that tragedy.


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