Game Changer Optimal Wellness Journey

Starting Price 604 USD

If you want to change your life and invest in personal growth, Thanyapura’s Game Changer Package is an excellent choice for you. The idea is for you to refresh your body and reset to optimal levels as you leave feeling fully energized, ready to take on life. Emerge renewed and refreshed, with your game literally changed!

The package includes the following:

  • Daily Healthy Meal Program (set by a nutritionist) to support optimal nutrition.
  • Membership to access Thanyapura’s facilities and amenities.
  • Initial consultation with a coach and personalized fitness plan.
  • Private Nutrition Consultation for personalized dietary guidance.
  • Farewell Nutrition Plan to support your healthy lifestyle after the program.
  • Body Composition Analysis to assess your body’s composition and progress.
  • Medical Doctor Consultation with Bio scan to evaluate your overall health.
  • Medical Doctor Consultation follow-up for ongoing support and guidance.
  • Drawstring Bag for convenience and storage.
  • T-Shirt as a souvenir of your wellness journey.
  • Bottled water to stay hydrated throughout the program.


Accommodation Options:

The price based on your selection:

  • 3 Days Package: 604 USD
  • 7 Days Package: 850 USD
  • 14 Days Package: 1,347 USD 
  • 21 Days Package: 1,796 USD
  • 30 Days Package: 2,357 USD

*Note : The price of the package depends on the currency rate.