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6 Effective Treatments For Lower Back Pain Relief

6 Effective Treatments For Lower Back Pain Relief

phuket chiropractorIf you have bent the wrong way whilst carrying something heavy, been crouched over your work desk all day, or have simply fallen asleep in an uncomfortable position, you will certainly have experienced lower back pain. It is a horrible pain and difficult to ignore. Many people will immediately go to see a doctor, but research has found that these people are more prone to complications than those who try out a few simple tricks. Here are some that you can try to alleviate lower back pain.

Get Enough Restorative Sleep

Lower back pain makes it hard for you to fall asleep, but a lack of sleep can also worsen your symptoms. It is reported that many insomniacs have lower back pain. Together, lower back pain and insomnia can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Try some yoga poses to relax and strengthen your mind, which will help you sleep and aid in reducing the pain.

Regular Full-body Exercise

Contrary to traditional beliefs, lying down to prevent lower back pain will not alleviate it. Your body is meant to move, so be active. Sitting at your desk for too long and staying in a stationary position for extended periods of time will worsen your lower back pain. Stand up from your desk at regular intervals, take a stroll outside during your free time in the afternoon, jog each day, or do yoga.

Soothe The Pain With Temperature Treatment

After an injury, apply an ice pack on your back for 20 minutes. Remove the ice pack for a while, and then put it back on for another 20 minutes. Do these regular 20-minute sessions with an ice pack for two days. The cold prevents inflammation and lessens the pain. After two days, replace the ice pack with a heating pad. Heat makes blood rush to the affected area and helps to lessen the pain. Alternatives to heating pads are hot showers and warm baths.

Focus On Your Feet

The condition of your lower back depends on the condition of your feet. Four-inch heels and improper styles of walking can cause lower back pain. Walk in a straight line and wear shoes with low heels. Be mindful of the shoes you buy. Purchase training or speciality shoes like those found in directory of weight loss clinics, as they are built to be good to your feet no matter what you are doing.

Stretch Your Hamstrings Twice Daily

Your hamstrings are located at the back of your thighs. When they become too tight, they put stress on your lower back. Stretching out your hamstrings keeps them from becoming tight and prevents lower back pain. Be warned, though. Crunches are reported to cause lower back pain. Yoga is a kinder alternative as it contains a lot of relaxing stretches that are good for many parts of your body – and your mind.

 Develop Skills For Your Brain To Ignore Pain Signals

When the body sends pain signals to the brain, the brain automatically connects them with emotions. Doctors will tell you that experiencing pain is not bad for the human body as it is a communication tool. It is the feeling that is associated with pain signals that makes the pain feel worse, and you start to think that the misery will never end. When you experience pain, remind yourself that it is there for a reason and will eventually subside.

Do things that make you happy. Entertain yourself, or spend time with someone you love. Positivity is a powerful distraction. Good vibes can also help your body heal faster, as it bypasses the negative emotions associated with pain. Simple steps like watching an inspiring movie or listening to beautiful music can really help.

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