3 To Go Tips When it Comes to Trail Run


Kiranee Narabal, one of the most experienced Thai runners, shares some key elements while traversing through Khao Pra Taew National Park.  She offers insights on key preparation elements to help you get the most of of the experience on D-Day.

1. Prepare your body

This point cannot be emphasized enough; you need to get yourself some sort of training prior to a trail. Take it step by step and decompose your run for an optimum training; if your goal is to run a 8km. trail, start with 4km. per day, until it feels easy to run the whole distance in one go. Another important training aspect is to consider that a trail is not just like a flat running surface; you will climb hills, and the surface will not be as smooth as the treadmill, as you will run through rocks, mud, dirt and even water. Training to improve your balance as well as muscles building is essential before a trail.

2. Study the details of the trail

Every trail is different, and the fun part of it is to run right in the middle of the jungle. Make sure you analyse the race beforehand, and that you are comfortable with any U-turns, little paths going on the side of the road, and the rain etc. While the trail will have signage all along, being confident of the path to take is definitely an asset. Also, don’t forget to check what the organisers have prepared for your run.

3. Check your equipment

As you will be running in the jungle, a first aid kit is a must have, so are some food and water. Keep your phone in a zip log plastic bag as you can expect some part of the trail to get muddy and even wet. Finally, you want to bring with you some good running shoes, or trail running shoes as you certainly don’t want to sprain your ankles while enjoying the adventure.