Fitting in Fitness

Do you ever wonder how an earth that mum of three, or that young career driven person working long hours or the full-time uni student juggling four jobs all seem to have more time than you?

I am a full-time engineer, part-time swimming coach, part-time tutor, part-time blogger and a lover of endurance sports. It’s taken a lot of trial and error to find the balance that suits me but I think I have finally nailed this balancing act, well for now. Just like a gymnast on the balance beam, you’re going to make mistakes and fall off more than once. So to reduce your chance of falling off and hurting yourself I have collated the tips that have helped me.


6 Tips to Fit in Fitness

Schedule and Prioritise

Have a yearly calendar and schedule all your important dates, social celebrations, fitness events, holidays etc. It’s important not to neglect a certain aspect of your life. One week your focus may be on training and fitness, the next week it may be family focused with your Mum’s Birthday celebrations. Keep balanced, for your mind, body and soul.


Do you work in a place that is accessible to run, cycle or walk to work? Fitting in fitness through commuting allows you to save money on petrol/public transport, help the environment while working out. Win. Win. Win.

Commuting to work requires organisation such as bringing in lunch and work clothes the day before, unless you want the extra weight in your backpack. Ensure you know the facilities available to you in your workplace (i.e shower located in the disabled toilet, safe place to store your bike).



Straight To It

After work, go straight to the gym, pool or workout place. This way you will have no temptation when you get home to plop on the couch or get distracted by doing chores. You will also save in travel time by skipping the home detour. Just remember to pack your gym bag the night before with workout clothes (and shoes, I always forget shoes).

Preparation is KEY

Prepare your workout clothes, pack your swimming bag or make snacks for on the go. Prepare whatever you can to ensure you don’t fall off that balance beam. For me, I like to write out a schedule of what my training will look like for the week and to plan accordingly. And remember colour coordination is a great motivator… Don’t just pink about it, just blue it!

IMG_0895 (1)


Holiday Fit

Wondering where your next holiday destination should be? Thanyapura Sports Hotel is located in the beautiful Phuket, where diving, shopping, beach life is all readily available. Staying at a hotel such as Thanyapura will also encourage you to work off all that Pad Thai and Fried Rice you no doubt will gorge yourself on (omnomnom). With yoga, swimming pools, tennis courts and training groups to keep you motivated, Thanyapura’s got something for everyone of all abilities.

Holiday + Fitness = Best Vacation EVER!

Fit Friends

Nothing keeps you on track than having someone else with you on the journey. Having fit friends not only keeps you motivated, but accountable too. Whether it is having them as a training partner for a running event or joining the gym to tone up, working out is always better with company. Catching up with friends can also be a great way to fit in fitness. Instead of catching up over doughnuts and milkshakes, mix it up with an active catch up. Rock climbing, beach swims, yoga classes, dog walks, or stand up paddle boarding are great fun ways to fit in fitness.