10 Daily Detox Tips To Get Rid of Toxins Naturally

Feeling Sluggish? Ever Wonder How To Detox Naturally Every Day?


When most of us utter the word detox, it’s usually when we’re bleary-eyed and stumbling out of the wrong end of a heavy weekend. But did you know that your incredible body is naturally designed for a daily detox all the way down to the cellular level?

You read that right. Your body has the natural ability to get rid of toxins without the need for extreme diets or expensive supplements (looking at you, detox tea brands).

So is it good to detox every day?

Let’s break it down! Firstly, it’s important to know that your body is naturally detoxifying all day. You are a self-cleaning machine and, in a healthy state, able to process normal amounts of toxins. In fact, your liver is the most important detoxification machine. It’s made to do this—unless your liver is packed full of fat, sugar or alcohol, it should keep doing its job well.

The fat in your liver is on a one-way street. It can get in, but it can never get out. Even if you lose body weight, the fat in your liver will stay. If you drink alcohol, that can add more fat to your liver.

Next is understanding that toxins in your body come in two forms: endotoxins, the by-products your body makes and exotoxins that come from outside your body. Is it any surprise that you’re exposed to hundreds of worrying chemicals as you go about your daily lives? Many of these toxins don’t flush out of your body easily—the most common are:

  • Alcoholic drinks – acetaldehyde, the product alcohol is broken down into in the body, is toxic and has been shown to damage DNA and impairs the body’s ability to fight off viral infections.
  • Pesticides/chemicals in food
  • PFAS – used to create resistance to stains, water and grease – are commonly found in Non-stick (e.g. Teflon) cookware, pizza boxes and takeout wrappers, waterproof clothes.
  • Flame retardants in furniture, carpets, home insulation, electronics, food packaging.
  • Heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium, cadmium and lead.
  • Bisphenols (including BPA) – the building block of plastic – commonly found in receipts, cans, food packaging, water bottles, toys, furniture and kitchen equipment.
  • Phthalates – used to make plastics more durable – are typically found in cosmetics and personal care products (e.g. shampoo, perfume, nail polish, sanitary pads), food packaging and medical equipment.
  • Pollution, cigarette smoke

For a list of products and ingredients to avoid as well as tips for men, women and teens from the Environmental Working Group, click here.

The frustrating truth

You can’t completely avoid toxic substances when they’re so all-pervasive in modern life: if you refuse that Styrofoam takeout carton, your food will probably be wrapped in PFAS-coated paper instead. You can banish plastic from your fridge and purge your body products, but when you go to the office you’ll probably be sitting in a chair doused in flame retardants.    

That said, you can take small but powerful steps to limit your daily exposure to worrying chemicals. Detox doesn’t always have to be restrictive or even something you’re obliged to do from time to time.

It’s something you can easily do every day which answers the question if a daily detox is good for you—yes to a natural detox with sustainable daily practices and no to pseudo-medical concepts designed as the perfect antidote to fast-food lifestyles and alcohol-lubricated social lives.

And remember, one size doesn’t fit all. Everyone reacts differently to foods, body products, toxins, pollutants and exercise. The best way to detox is to embrace a lifestyle that is entirely balanced.

It is actually that straightforward—here are 10 tips for a natural daily detox:

1. Choose organic food when possible. Learn which conventional fruits and veggies are highest and lowest in pesticides.

2. Avoid plastic especially if it comes into contact with food such as packaging and takeout boxes. Opt for glass or stainless steel containers and beeswax wraps instead, also never microwave food in a plastic container.

3. Use natural household and body hygiene products. If you want to know what chemicals are in your personal care products, click here.

4. Avoid alcohol and consume less sugar and processed foods. Eating a colourful diet rich in plants containing precious nutrients such as phytochemicals, minerals, vitamins and fibres can help support your detox process, more on this below.

Breathwork exercise for gut health

5. Meditate at least 10 minutes a day with some breathwork exercises to help detoxify through the lungs, also maintain a regular exercise schedule to keep your lymphatic system moving.

6. Get your sweat on! Infrared saunas can help to promote a deep, healthy and natural detoxifying sweat.

7. Intermittent fasting can help ignite your body’s detoxing process, assist in weight loss and fat burning! Periods of fasting stimulate cells to cannibalize, known as autophagy which is your body’s natural ability to clean out and recycle cells that are no longer functioning properly.

8. Clean up your air: Did you know that indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air? More time at home means it’s more important than ever to assess your home and furniture for toxins like flame retardants and PVC. The Environmental Working Group’s Healthy Home Guide lists potential home toxin sources and how to find healthier alternatives.

9. Skin Brushing: Like the circulatory system, the lymphatic system plays a fundamental role in removing metabolic waste and toxins. Using a natural bristle long-handled brush, start at your feet and brush your skin in a sweeping motion up your legs. Continue brushing the skin of your legs, arms and torso, always sweeping towards the heart.

10. Get eight hours of sleep between the hours of 10 PM to 6 AM and avoid eating three hours before sleep as this is when your body does the most detoxification. Remember to drink at least two litres of water per day and ensure the water that you are drinking is as pure as nature intended.

Close your eyes and imagine a colourful feast

The simple truth

The idea of a quick fix sounds appealing, but engaging in lifelong healthier habits really is the best way to cleanse and strengthen your body. The natural detoxification approach works every time, every day and, best of all, without pain. And that’s the purest feeling of all. So say goodbye to feeling sluggish and start your daily detox!


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This article is written by Ashlyne Nair

Bircher Muesli – Vegan Recipe

Oat & Chia Bircher Muesli – Vegan Recipe

apple, fig, pumpkin seeds, walnut and cranberry

Try making one of our signature Vegan Breakfast Bowls at home!


Almond milk225g
Chia seeds10g
Pumpkin seeds10g
Sunflower seeds10g
Figs – dried20g
CinnamonSmall pinch
Coconut syrup or honey1 Tbs
Lemon juiceSqueeze
Apples – grated1


  1. Weigh out all the ingredients.
  2. Place the oats, chia seeds, cinnamon, almond milk, coconut syrup in a large bowl.
  3. Mix well.
  4. Peel and grate apple.
  5. Add the grated apple, seeds and dried fruits to the oat mix.
  6. Spoon mix into serving bowls
  7. Allow to activate overnigh
  8. Serve garnished with some extra chopped walnuts, figs, seeds and nuts

Nutrition: Calorie energy – 330 / Protein – 9g / Fats – 14g / Complex carbohydrates – 36g / Fibre – 6g

Easy Ways to Improve Your Gut Health: 24 Hours to a Healthier Gut

Breathwork exercise for gut health

Easy Ways to Improve Your Gut Health: 24 Hours to a Healthier Gut

From Waking to Bedtime: A 24-Hour Lifestyle Guide to Restore Gut Health

In the crowded field of wellness and nutrition, packed with some who are flogging overpriced products to the gullible and desperate, simplicity is that most welcome of things: this easy-to-digest 24-hour gut health guide is just what you need.

Many of the choices you make every 24 hours, big or small, can impact your health—meaning the power to feel better, look better, and live a better life is in your hands. So why not start with your gut health?

Looking after your gut health does not mean complicated or boring food – it’s all about what you add in. Here’s how to improve your digestive system all day long, beginning first thing in the morning.

Upon Rising

Instead of falling victim to the AM social media scroll or the pressure of a full inbox, practice a meditation or breathwork exercise. Even a quick five minutes can calm your nervous system and regulate cortisol (the stress hormone that’s the enemy of a healthy gut), and help you start your day on a balanced and positive note. 

In Ayurveda, “agni” is the digestive fire in your body that needs to be rekindled first thing in the morning to help boost your energy levels and clear the mind (2). The key here is temperature. Cold foods slow your digestive system but hot or warm keeps everything moving at a healthy pace. When you wake up parched, choose a cup of warm/hot water instead of an iced latte to stimulate “agni” and kickstart your daily dose of hydration. As the warm water moves through your stomach and intestines, digestive organs are better hydrated and able to eliminate waste.

Breathwork exercise for gut health


Even when you’re busy, don’t be tempted to rely on coffee alone or skip breakfast. Choose a breakfast that’s light and easy, but still packs in lots of nutrients. A delicious bowl of Bircher muesli from Booster Deli and Café (click here to check out our mouth-watering plant-based breakfast menu) is filled with complex carbohydrates, protein, omega fats and essential minerals that will help fire up the digestive system, eliminate bloat and regulate cravings. 

A few minutes of sun exposure in the morning can help regulate melatonin levels and set you up for a good night’s sleep later on which is key in maintaining the natural cycle of your gut microbiota, the wonderfully complex community of trillions of microbes that live in your digestive tract (3).


Every meal is an opportunity to focus on abundance. Inclusion rather than exclusion is the aim of the game for a happy gut. Make sure you’re getting enough of the good stuff by filling your plate with as many different plant foods as you can. 

Tip: Just as the liquid olive goodness of extra virgin olive oil can benefit your brain and heart health, it gives your gut microbiota some love too (3). 

If you want to maximise the diversity of your gut microbiota, avoid restrictive eating patterns, enjoy your grains and fill up on fibre. Most guidelines recommend getting 30g of fibre a day, but remember when you’re increasing, go slow and steady – and make sure you’re staying hydrated to help the fibre work its microbial magic.

Here is a list of the most powerful fibre fuelled foods by best-selling author and gastroenterologist Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, conveniently organized into an acronym to make them easy to remember(1).

F: Fruit & Fermented
G: Greens & Grains
O: Omega-3 Super Seeds
A: Aromatics (onions, garlic)
L: Legumes
S: Sulforaphane (broccoli sprouts and other cruciferous veggies)

Spend a lot of your day in front of a screen? Consider blue-light-blocking glasses or a screen filter to protect you from that artificial glow, which can disrupt your circadian rhythm and adversely affect your sleep. And yes, we really can’t stress enough the important of sleep for your gut health!


Before you call it a day, make it a priority to move. You’ve heard a million reasons to exercise regularly before but did you know that as well as helping with issues like constipation, moving your body is linked to having a more diverse gut microbiota (3)? Find the form of movement that brings you joy and get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes most days to reap the gastrointestinal benefits.

A cup of herbal tea serves dual purposes because not only can it quell late-night sweet cravings, but if you choose one with soothing herbs like chamomile and lavender, it will also encourage a restful state.

Kombucha is a great option when you want something healthy and fizzy to tame your soda craving. This bubbly drink typically packs fewer calories and sugar since a lot of the sugar gets lost in the fermentation process. That said, ideally, you want to look for kombucha with less than 6 grams of sugar per 230 ml (1).


Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night – and if you can wake up and go to sleep at around the same time (give or take 30 minutes), your body will love you for it.

Cut down on unnecessary medications and choose lifestyle tweaks rather than a prescription, where possible. Work on your sleep quality instead of taking sleeping pills – or dial down your alcohol intake, as opposed to taking acid reflux medication (3).

Keep a dark, quiet and cool bedroom, stay away from glowing screens in the hours before bed and avoid caffeine after 3pm. As the day comes full circle, another meditation or breathwork practice can help relax you – and your gut!

Sweet dreams!


1. Bulsiewicz, W. (2020). Fiber Fueled: The Plant-Based Gut Health Program for Losing Weight, Restoring Your Health, and Optimizing Your Microbiome (pp. 149 – 151). Penguin Random House LLC.

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3. Rossi, M. (2019). The Gut Health Doctor: An Easy-to-Digest Guide to Health from the Inside Out (pp. 45 – 280). Penguin Life.

This article is written by Ashlyne Nair

Are You D Deficient?


Vitamin D supplementation could reduce the risk of influenza and other viral infections of the upper respiratory system.

Five Important Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Vit D

  • Helps build strong bones; your body need vitamin D to extract calcium properly from the food you eat, but a vitamin D deficiency means you cannot absorb enough calcium.
  • Triggers the body’s immune cells to produce antibodies, and therefore boosting your immune system.
  • There are two different forms of vitamin D: Ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) which is often used as a food additive and Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3, a naturally occurring form of vitamin D, synthesized in the skin from endogenous or dietary cholesterol upon exposure to sunlight.
  • You get it through diet and sunlight. (Read on to find out the top vitamin D food sources)
  • It can boost brain function; studies recently suggested that low vitamin D levels could increase the risk of developing dementia.

Did you know that many people only need about 15 minutes of sun three times a week for their bodies to make adequate amounts of vitamin D? ​

A Little Extra Vitamin D from your food

  • Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel are among the best sources.
  • Beef liver, cheese, and egg yolks provide small amounts.
  • Mushrooms provide some vitamin D. In some mushrooms that are newly available in stores, the vitamin D content is being boosted by exposing these mushrooms to ultraviolet light.
  • Almost all of dairy milk supply is fortified with 400 IU of vitamin D per quart, and so are many of the plant-based alternatives such as soy milk, almond milk, and oat milk. But foods made from milk, like cheese and ice cream, are usually not fortified.
  • Vitamin D is added to many breakfast cereals and to some brands of orange juice, yogurt, margarine, and soy beverages; check the labels.

How Do You Know If You Are D Deficient?

Signs and symptoms might include:

  • Fatigue
  • Bone pain
  • Muscle weakness, muscle aches, or muscle cramps
  • Mood changes, like depression

D deficiency can occur when usual intake is lower than recommended levels over time, exposure to sunlight is limited, the kidneys cannot convert activate the inert form (from food and supplement), or absorption of vitamin D from the digestive tract is inadequate.

Why taking a vit D supplement may be more important than ever in the time of COVID-19?

Deficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as an increased susceptibility to infection. Studies are now being published that provide direct evidence of the effect of vitamin D supplementation on COVID-19 patients, and the association of vitamin D intake and/or status on disease severity and death.

One of the studies found that the administration of 25(OH)D at the early stages of COVID-19 significantly reduced the need for admission to the ICU, regardless of existing comorbidities.


You could end up doing more harm than good if you regularly exceed the dosage in your daily supplement. Taking too many vitamin D supplements over a long period of time can cause more calcium to be absorbed than can be excreted. The excess calcium can be deposited in and damage the kidneys. As always, moderation wins out.

Science says … what does this mean for you?

Do you know what your vitamin D level is? Could a D deficiency be putting a damper on your immune response? Be sure to test to find out, and take steps to keep it within a target of 40-60 ng/ml or 100-150 nmol/L.

Give your immune system the nutrients it needs to support a healthy you and protect yourself from unnecessary diseases. Talk to our friendly Lifestyle Clinic team in person for a blood test consultation or email nicole.bravata@thanyapura.com to discuss your options from Vitamin D blood test to injections and oral supplements.


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This article is a nutritional tip brought to you by Morgane Quinchon, Thanyapura’s Nutrition Manager, Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutrition Advisor.

Edited by Ashlyne Nair

Powerful Probiotics


Probiotics work by maintaining a healthy balance of our gut microbiome; they're all for equality!

This balance is easily upset from harmful substances – whether it’s an overload of antibiotics, viruses and accidental or temporary excesses of organic matter – and that’s when we need reinforcements: enter probiotics.

A plethora of conditions, from obesity to anxiety, appear to be linked to the microbes inside us. Ask most people to define microbiome, and a handful might say that it refers to a bacterial ecosystem that lives in a specific place. They may even mention the gut. To put it in layman’s terms, your microbiome is your body’s ecosystem of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria.


1) Keep your digestion working the way it should

Probiotics will help in digestive issues, candida overgrowth (an imbalance of yeast in the microbiome) and leaky gut. (1)

2) Restore your gut health after taking antibiotics

When you treat an infection with antibiotics, many of your ‘good’ bacteria are killed off along with the bad bacteria. Taking probiotics afterwards will restore the balance and diversity of your gut health. (2)

3) Keep your immune system strong

Probiotics enhance immune function through supporting the regeneration of the intestinal lining, keeping bad bacteria from entering the blood stream, and therefore maintaining the overall health of the immune system. (3)

4) Uplift your mood

Often called the “second brain,” your microbiome has a direct impact on your brain chemistry. Probiotics can have a brain-altering effect through their innate mechanism to produce neurotransmitters such as serotonin, GABA, and acetyl-choline. A diet high in natural probiotics has been proven to improve symptoms of depression. (4)


YOU ARE HOST TO 100,000 BILLION BACTERIA! You host about 430 times more bacteria than the Milky Way hosts stars.
Yes, you are an extraordinary ecosystem.
Rest assured, the vast majority of the 100,000 billion bacteria that live with you also work for your general well-being.


Supplements aren’t the only way to get a daily dose of probiotics. Here is a list of 6 probiotic foods that are super healthy:

  1. Kombucha (Available at Booster Deli & Café with delicious flavours from rosella, lime & ginger and butterfly pea flower in 200 ml bottles)
  2. Kefir (traditionally from dairy products but can be vegan as well)
  3. Apple cider vinegar
  4. Miso (fermented soybean paste)
  5. Fermented vegetables such as pickles or sauerkraut
  6. Yogurt, especially plain Greek yogurt


  1. Verna, Elizabeth C, and Susan Lucak. “Use of probiotics in gastrointestinal disorders: what to recommend?.” Therapeutic advances in gastroenterology vol. 3,5 (2010): 307-19. doi:10.1177/1756283X10373814
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This article is a nutritional tip brought to you by Morgane Quinchon, Thanyapura’s Nutrition Manager, Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutrition Advisor.

Edited by Ashlyne Nair

The 3 R’s of Recovery Nutrition


If you wish to maintain a consistent active lifestyle, you’ll need to replenish your body from the 3 R’s of recovery to build yourself back up after your training and prepare you for your next one.


  • Carbohydrates are your muscles’ primary energy source.
  • Depending on the length and intensity of your workout, your carbohydrate stores may be significantly depleted.
  • Post-workout is the best time to replenish these stores, because your muscles absorb nutrients like a sponge during this time.


  • Next you must rebuild cells by focusing on the protein and amino acids required to help maximize muscle repair.
  • Regardless of the type of exercise you engage in, your muscles undergo some form of micro trauma on the cellular level (especially true with resistance training).
  • Protein helps to start the repair and rebuilding processes, which ultimately initiate muscle growth.


  • Finally, and just as important is getting sufficient hydration. You may know that the body is made up of 60% water. You may not know that fluids help regulate body temperature, blood pressure, and also transport energy & nutrients throughout the body.
  • That is why it is essential to allow the body to achieve balance and maintain the process of recovery by replenishing any fluids lost.
  • Consequences of dehydration include cramping, muscle fatigue, dizziness, headaches, and impaired mental/physical performance.

Now that you’ve had a chance to skim over the 3 R’s, let’s incorporate them into your post-workout regimen. And if you don’t have the time or appetite for a nutrient dense meal directly after training, recovery shakes are a great option!

Thanyapura’s signature ‘Post-Workout Recovery Shake’ at Booster Deli & Café delivers a delicious and nutritious blend of fruits and vegetables for your post-workout needs. Apple, celery, lime, pineapple, banana, avocado, rice and hemp protein blended with ice for a refreshingly sweet and slightly tangy smoothie to Refuel, Rebuild and Rehydrate.

Stay active and remember to give this recovery shake a try when you’re here next!

This article is a nutritional tip brought to you by Morgane Quinchon, Thanyapura’s Nutrition Manager, Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutrition Advisor.

Edited by Ashlyne Nair

More About Thanyapura

Current Promotions

We have a selection of food & beverage promotions to help you get started with us!

Detox Juice Program

Starting from THB 1,200 per day only. We make all your juice fresh every morning to have you performing better.

Beet it!


Beetroot (beet) juice can boost your overall performance?

Drinking beet juice raises the nitric oxide levels in your body which helps the inner muscles of your blood vessels to relax and widen. This then enables your blood to move freely, delivering oxygen and nutrients to your whole body more efficiently!

In fact, vegetables high in nitrate – beetroot being at the top – can help to promote healthy blood flow resulting in lowered blood pressure, better brain function, and improved athletic performance.

Beets are a rich source of antioxidants, such as vitamin C, carotenoids, phenolic acids, and flavonoids, along with nitrate. And thanks to its impressive nutritional profile, professional athletes are supplementing with beet juice for improved cardiorespiratory endurance, performance and recovery.


  1. Endurance athletes swear by beet juice to help cut minutes off run time and improve tolerance against high-intensity exercise.
  2. Acts a great blood purifier, which is key in keeping your skin glowing and healthy.
  3. Beet juice with its pulp is full of fibre helps in regulative your digestive processes and relieves constipation.
  4. Though high in sugar, beets actually help in regulating your blood sugar levels as the natural sugars are released very slowly in the body and thus, prevents sudden spikes.

The Bottom Line … So Beet It!

The beautiful beets have come a long way. They are one of the healthiest vegetables you can juice, undoubtedly. A glass of beet juice helps in giving you all the vitamins and minerals in a concentrated form.

It is best to have beet juice early morning or one hour before your breakfast. Here are a couple of delicious and easy ways to add more beets to your diet:

  • Up Beet Detox Juice – beetroot, red apple and celery
  • Pre-Workout Energy Shake – beetroot, mango and orange blended with some ice and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt

Available at Booster Deli & Café, open every day from 7 AM – 7 PM for dine-in and take-away. You can also pre-order via the link here to cut down on wait time: https://qr.finedinemenu.com/#/divine-restaurant/menu

This article is a nutritional tip brought to you by Morgane Quinchon, Thanyapura’s Nutrition Manager, Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutrition Advisor.

Edited by Ashlyne Nair

More About Thanyapura

Current Promotions

We have a selection of food & beverage promotions to help you get started with us!

Detox Juice Program

Starting from THB 1,200 per day only. We make all your juice fresh every morning to have you performing better.

Chilli Peppers in Thai Foods: Powerful Spiciness to Improve Your Health

Cooking Classes at Divine Restaurant, Thanyapura

Did you know that spices were once so valuable that centuries ago, black peppercorns were used like money to pay for rent and salaries?

During Christopher Columbus’s era, chilli peppers were only known to the natives in then Mesoamerica ( an area covering Central Mexico to Northern Costa Rica). He brought it back to Spain with the spicy “aji” (its local name), it was the Portuguese who spread this spicy spice to the rest of the world.

When the Portuguese came to Thailand to share Christian beliefs, the locals did not welcome the religion as much as they accepted the chilli pepper. Today, the chilli is so integrated into Thai cuisine that people forget that it was not a native resource to begin with.

In addition to enhancing the amazing taste of Thai food with its spicy and hot flavours, chilli peppers also have several health benefits.

The Benefits of Chili Peppers

You can embark on a guiltless food trip in Amazing Thailand, thanks to the following benefits.

  • Chillies in weight loss

Capsaicin, the primary chemical in chilli peppers, is the reason for it’s “hot” sensation you feel when you eat spicy food containing them. Since it is the chemical that makes up most of the chilli, most studies focus on its effects. Capsaicin helps in weight loss in several ways.

For one, if you’ve heard about the thermic effect of food, you would know that your body increases its metabolic rate just by eating food. According to studies, spicy foods have a higher thermic effect and thus, increases metabolic rate. Although studies show that it’s a small percentage, it still does help with faster digestion and burning more calories.

Another study shows capsaicin’s increased effect on fat oxidation. Fat oxidation is needed to break down big fat molecules into smaller forms that can be transformed into energy for the body to use. When fats are used as energy, they are spent by way of transforming them to ATP, a usable form of energy for cells.

Capsaicin also prevents adipogenesis or the formation of fat cells. In the same study, it also showed that this chemical stimulates self-destruction of fat cells and cells that are about to become fat cells.

Another effect of capsaicin is increased satiety or fullness. In one study, satiety levels were measured among men and women who took either capsaicin in tomato juice or capsule forms. Results showed that the chemical increased their feeling of fullness and decreased their appetite.

  • Chillies enhance heart health

Several research studies were done on capsaicin probe its effects to prevent fatal diseases. Of note are its benefits on heart health. One researcher did an experiment on mice. He found out that the chemical prevented apoptosis (destruction) of heart cells. It was then recommended that more studies be made on this beneficial effect in humans.

Another research study found that capsaicin prevented the build up of cholesterol and promoted its elimination through the stool. They also found that it promotes blood flow by inhibiting a gene that causes blood vessels to contract. This combination of effects leads to the prevention of heart attacks as well as strokes.

  • Chillies improves sexual health

The “hot” factor of chilli peppers led researchers to discover its effects on sexual health. One study found that capsaicin increased spermatocyte count and testosterone levels. Testosterone is responsible for libido, or sexual drive. This research is further backed by another study conducted by French scientists.

Being vasodilators, chilli peppers naturally opens up blood vessels to promote good blood flow. Believe it or not, this affects sexual performance. This is in a similar fashion to how Viagra functions to enhance your performance in bed. Since this drug has adverse effects, going natural with chilli peppers is a much better choice although a mild one.

Eating chilli releases the hormones adrenaline and epinephrine that cause a feeling of being “high” which can increase sexual drive. The feel-good hormone epinephrine also enhances the mood that will provide for more pleasure during intercourse.

  • Chillies helps prevent hair loss

Hair loss may be caused by a variety of factors including heredity, age, and medical conditions. The prevalence of hair growth and hair loss preventive products stresses how people value hair thickness. Sad to say, many of these products prove ineffective.

The good news is, studies found that capsaicin in chilli peppers may have something to contribute to this issue. A study on both mice and humans found that capsaicin can promote hair growth in both cases, but more so on those who were naturally bald males. This effect was further enhanced when capsaicin was given with soy isoflavones.

The scientific reasoning for capsaicin’s effect on hair growth lies on enhancing the levels of growth hormone or IGF-1 in the surface of the skin. This hormone is responsible for hair growth and anti-aging effects.

  • Chillies fight cancer

Although some studies show that topical application of capsaicin has adverse effects and acts as a carcinogen, other studies show its anti-cancer effects.

One study tested its effects on breast cancer cells. As a result, the cancer cells’ multiplication slowed down and some tumours died.

Another more extensive study showed that capsaicin can cause cell death in a variety of different kinds of cancer cells. It also showed that this chemical can prevent cancer from becoming worse by inhibiting blood vessel creation, which otherwise makes way for cancer cells to grow bigger. Capsaicin also prevented metastasis or the invasion of cancer cells in different organs of the body.

Popular Spicy Thai Foods

With all these benefits, you’re probably wondering which next chili-pepper-rich Thai dish you will try aside from which places you will explore. We suggest you get started with these:

Tom Yum Goong or Spicy Shrimp Soup is a mix of primary two flavours, spicy and sour. The spiciness comes from the Thai chilli and galangal or ginger. It is combined with the fresh taste of lemongrass and other herbs.

Som Tum or Spicy Green Papaya Salad is a slightly sweet and spicy side dish that is great for cooling down in hot weather. All the ingredients are mixed in a mortar and pestled to distribute the flavours evenly. The main ingredient of this dish is green papaya that is shredded into strips and mixed with peanuts for added crunch. It also comes with tomatoes, dried shrimp, Thai beans, and of course, fish sauce, tamarind paste, garlic and lots of Thai chilis.

Tom Kha Kai or Chicken in Coconut Soup, could be considered a milder version of the Tom Yum soup. Its soup is basically like Tom Yum made with lime, lemongrass, chilli and ginger, but with an added creamy coconut milk.

These are but a few of many delicious Thai dishes. Thai cuisine is definitely not short on spicy chilli pepper dishes that will not only challenge you with its hot flavours but surprise you with its health benefits. And even better news, you don’t have to pay much for them. You can find many of these dishes as street food – accessible, affordable, and healthy!

5 Local Thai vegetables to help you lose weight fast

Cooking Classes at Divine Restaurant, Thanyapura

So, you’ve arrived in Thailand and you’re ready to indulge in all the delicious and spicy dishes Thai cuisine has to offer. There’s plenty of street food vendors and restaurants just waiting to fry you up something drenched in oil, fat, sugary sauces and more.

It will get you saying ‘aroy mak mak!’ (Meaning very very delicious in Thai) but it won’t get you shedding those extra pounds you promised yourself would be gone by the end of the month.


Unhealthy eating options are easy to come across when in Thailand. I’ve paced under the midday sun in search of healthy alternatives and many times failed. I don’t know about your temptation threshold but for me, it doesn’t take much until I grab that sugar glazed donut on the shelf. A fair amount of restaurants do offer healthy alternatives with steamed or boiled options instead of fried. If you really want to stick to your diet plans however, you’re going to have to choose the ultimate junk or fast food replacement – vegetables. When you incorporate more veggies into your diet, you are replacing all those unhealthy fats void of essential nutrients with nutrient-rich foods.

We have compiled a list of effective fat-fighting vegetables readily available in Thailand. Incorporate these into your meals and snacks to keep your weight loss on track:


Famous papaya (In the savoury papaya salad or as a whole fruit)

lose weight fast

The Papaya (I know I promised vegetables but bare with me on this one!) is a readily available and reasonably priced fruit in Thailand. You can actually find papaya trees on the sides of roads and pick them fresh yourself. This nutritious fruit can be eaten in its bright orange form (much sweeter) or when it’s green (less sweet and normally used in salads).

Why papaya helps you lose weight fast: 

 Because Payapa’s an energy dense fruit, you will feel full quicker without exceeding your calorie limits as you digest a larger amount of food. The high levels of fiber could help to lower the amount of calories you absorb from food too. It also promotes regular bowel movements, assisting your weight loss.

Live Strong advises people to lose weight fast by using papaya to replace food that’s not as healthy and has a higher number of calories, creating a calorie shortfall. For each pound you lose you want a calorie deficit of 3,500 which alongside exercising more and eating the right foods, is a highly effective way of loosing weight.


Mushrooms (not the magical kind)

spicy mushroom salad

This versatile fungus goes with numerous dishes and can be easily found in local Thai markets and shops. If you are a solid meat eater, substituting fattier meats with mushrooms is a great idea due to their taste and texture. Here are some popular mushrooms you can find in Phuket:

  • Straw Mushroom
  • Shiitake mushrooms
  • het hu nu (aka ‘mouse ear mushrooms)
  • het khon (the classic capped mushroom with gills on the stalk)
  • het lom (a brown mushroom commonly found on logs)

Why mushrooms help you lose weight: 

In just one cup of mushrooms you will find 20 calories.  A research study published as an abstract in The FASEB Journal in 2013 reveals a positive correlation between weight management and consumption of mushrooms. The study involved participants exchanging meat for mushrooms once every day. The group who ate the mushrooms consumed fewer calories (173) and the average person lost seven pounds!

Thai eggplant

lose weight fast

The Thai eggplant is commonly found in Southeast Asian curries, soups and is another low-density vegetable. So once again, replace fatty meats or less healthy foods in your diet with eggplants to give your weight loss a boost. There are several varieties you will see at the market and all offer powerful fat-fighting properties.

Why eggplants help you lose weight: 

Eggplant contains Saponin, a substance that lessens the fat your body absorbs. You can take this in vegetable form but making your own eggplant water is just as effective. The juice cleanses your body of toxins whilst giving your kidneys a boost by acting as a diuretic.


 Hot Peppers (Can you handle the heat?)

lose weight fast

Everyone wants to lose weight fast. Use this piece of advice to speed things up – let spice be your best friend. If your taste buds can’t handle heat, spend a few days eating Thai food! If you don’t already know,  Thai food has some of the spiciest dishes in the world.

Why hot peppers help you lose weight: 

Hot peppers can speed up your metabolism and add a kick to your meals. The spicier your food is, the slower you will eat too. Yet another good weight loss strategy.

TOP TIP! Include fresh chilies in your cooking in order to introduce capsaicins, a beneficial element known to help your body burn more calories.

lose weight fast

This underrated yet powerful vegetable assists you in your efforts to keep excess weight at bay. Contained in many Thai Stir-fry’s, soups and curries, broccoli can be brought virtually anywhere so you can steam, boil or prepare it in your own healthy way.

Why broccoli helps you lose weight: 

Broccoli contains absolutely no fat but still has a good amount of carbohydrates. These are the good kind of carbs however. Your body can burn them much slower to keep you energised for longer. Did you know one cup of broccoli has only 30 calories! The low calorie amount doesn’t compromise on nutrition as raw broccoli gives your body over 100% more vitamin C and K then it needs. Containing many micro-nutrients and phytochemicals, this effective fat-decreasing veggie also helps break down fats.

The Best Sunday Brunches in Phuket

Sunday in Phuket was once an almost forgotten day of the week, typically given over to recovering from any excesses on Saturday. But today, thanks to the competitive efforts of the island’s most creative hoteliers, Sunday brunch is well established as Phuket’s social and dining highlight of the week.

Phuket’s Brunch Wars

The general trend in Phuket’s “Brunch Wars” has been for the exotic, extravagant, and slightly expensive. The Brunch Wars have also been fought with an eye to exotic locations, from the poolside garden to clifftop sea-views or palm-shaded beaches. Many brunch spots offer attractions such free activities for kids or live music.


The Best Sunday Brunch in Phuket Top 10

Here, then, and in no particular order, are the 10 leading contenders for the title of Best Sunday Brunch in Phuket. Reservations are recommended in all cases. Some of the establishments listed may change their menu and prices, especially in low season, so call ahead to confirm before you set out.

Have you got a favourite Sunday Brunch we’ve not mentioned here? Please add any recommendations, remarks or updates in the comments below this post.


Oriental Spoon at Twinpalms Phuket Resort, Surin Beach

“A shamelessly indulgent spread…” More


Menu highlights:
Alaskan king crab
Foie gras
Imported cheese selection
Cascading chocolate fountain


Live jazz band
Swimming pools

THB 1190++ for brunch only, not including drinks
THB 1490++ baht for brunch with a half-bottle of wine

“Tables look out over the waters of Siray Bay, with a small sea gypsy village to the right, and Cape Panwa in the distance. “More


Menu highlights:
Grilled and BBQ meats
Homemade pasta
Desert selection

Live music from acoustic guitarist and singer duo
Swimming pool

THB 990++ per adult, not including drinks
THB 495++ per child (7-12 years old).

“A large buffet .. presenting some of the finest ingredients from around the world” More 


Menu highlights:
Fresh seafood
Spanish hams
Sushi and sashimi
Homemade pasta
Selection of Thai delicacies


Live entertainment and DJs

THB 1500++ per person, not including drinks

“Family-friendly ambiance with a low price of entry and the use of all the resort’s pools and waterways for the kiddies…” More


Menu highlights:
Five different brunch menus in weekly rotation, including a Belgian-inspired brunch and a seafood-themed brunch with lobster
Australian lamb and steaks

Kid’s swimming and fitness facilities available

THB 499++ per person, not including drinks

“Centara’s Sunday lunch is rightly celebrated by locals and it’s a bustling, colourful and delicious event in an amazing thai decor setting” More

Menu highlights:
Rack of lamb
Prime rib
Cheese and cold-cut stations

April to November only
Live strolling musicians
Access to resort swimming pools

THB 1490++ per person including soft drinks, water, coffee & tea
THB 1890++ per person with one bottle of red, white or rose wine per couple
50% off for children aged 6-12, free for kids under 5

Hilton Review200x130
“There’s something for everyone here, with a mix of Japanese, Chinese, Western, Thai and Indian dishes.” More


Menu highlights:
Rock lobster
New Zealand mussels
Dim sums
Roast beef and duck
Cheese selection
More than 20 dessert choices

Clowns and face-painting in the kids’entertainment area

THB 1400++ for adults (with wine)
THB 1100++ for adults (without wine)
THB 700++ for kids.

“A palatial spread that showcases international food married to local specialties.” More


Menu highlights:
Phuket lobster
Imported oysters
Patisserie section
Imported cheeses

Live jazz trio
Limited to 60 guests
Kids’ club and pool available

THB 3900++ per person, including a bottle of Laurent Perrier champagne for two
THB 2900++ per person including a bottle of wine for two
THB 2100++ baht per person for brunch only

“Food stations brimming with exotic tastes surround guests in this fresh open air dining room.” More


Menu highlights:
Tandoori oven
Teppanyaki grill
Sushi and sushimi

Clowns and face-painting for kids
Access to resort swimming pools

THB 2150++ per adult with free flow drinks
THB 1950++ per adult with soft drinks and juices only
50% off for children 5-12 years, free for children under 5

“… A leisurely afternoon of succulent live seafood, live jazz tunes and fine champagne.” More

Menu highlights:
Canadian lobster
Blue crab
French foie gras
Sushi and sashimi
Wagyu Beef

Live jazz band
Swimming pools

THB 2500++ per person, including free-flow soft drinks and beer
THB 3200++ per person, including 1 bottle of French champagne per couple