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Anti-Aging: 4 yoga secrets that will help keep you young

There is a lot of talk nowadays about the anti-aging benefits of yoga, especially as our culture becomes more focused on health and wellness, and ways to look younger.

I personally have practiced yoga for the last decade and it’s become a huge part of my life, especially for anti-aging. I believe that this has helped me with anti-aging and I would have to say yoga is definitely one of the contributing factors in this. Yoga helps to moves energy around the body and make the body feel more alive and energized. It also helps to fight depression and stabilize emotions, increase oxygen intake through our breathing, and therefore, our mind is calmer. Cortisol and stress levels are also reduced when practicing yoga, which helps your body to maintain less body fat and improve blood circulation to all our body parts adding to that glowing skin factor, which contributes to anti-aging.

I believe in the saying ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it!’ It’s very true in the case of our flexibility, Yoga is great for improving our flexibility and for anti-aging. In an old famous concept in yoga philosophy, a person’s age is determined by the flexibility of their spine and not by the number of years. I think we would all see these examples in people. You can see a 60-year-old that does yoga and keeps active who looks great for their age, they can bend easily and when they walk it seems effortless with ease and grace. Then you can see a 40-year-old who doesn’t do any yoga or keep active and they are struggling to bend or do everyday movements without aches or pains. When they walk they are stiff and it seems like it’s an effort.

I have made a list of four key things I do in yoga that help with anti-aging and more. Read below to find out more.

Contributing factors to why yoga will help you with anti-aging

Balance – The ability to balance involves both our body and our brain, when we practice this we don’t lose our coordination and balance, it improves our agility, which is vital as we get older so we don’t have as many falls, therefore preventing any fractures or broken bones.

Flexibility – Yoga creates flexibility and helps to stop any aches, pains and stiffness within our bodies. For example, simple things like getting up out of a chair or bending to pick something up can be an easy experience and not a painful one. We create space in our bodies and especially in our spine, we lengthen our spines and create space between each vertebrae, by doing this we improve nerve conduction to all organs, so everything is working and flowing better.

Breathing – People underestimate how important the breath is, breath is life. Yoga increases lung capacity, it creates more oxygen to all of the cells which in turns creates more energy and life force in our bodies. We start to intake more air and become more aware of it, this can help us start to breathe properly which can help with digestion and lowering the blood pressure.

Body Awareness – Yoga helps us become more aware of our bodies, our postures improve, our body sensitivity levels are heightened and then we are able to feel the subtle energies moving around it.  We are then mindful to pay attention to anything that doesn’t feel right in the body and correct it before it goes too far.

In my own experiences through yoga over the 10 years I have been practicing it has helped me so much, my posture has improved immensely. When I was at school I was told I had scoliosis, now I always remember to bring my shoulder blades down and open my chest it makes such a big difference not only in the way I look but the way I feel. It also helps to reduce pain in the shoulders and neck.

Emotionally, I feel more balanced and I seem to handle what life throws at me a lot better than I use to as the breathing, chanting and meditation aspects of yoga have made me feel calmer and at peace with myself, letting go of some of the unhealthy habits I once had in my life. As I have become more aware of my body my diet has improved immensely, you realize you just want to treat your body with love and respect and not put garbage in it. You start to listen to your body more and know what is right for it. Personally I have found yoga a very healing practice and because of everyone’s past experiences, we all have something we need to heal in our own lives because we are not perfect and yoga is so great for doing that.

With yoga though there is no one-day policy benefit, you need to be patient and yes yoga brings patience too.  If you practice at least 3 times a week you will really start to see those anti-aging benefits that yoga delivers. Not only will you see it but other people will start to see it. Yoga really does help transform people’s lives for the better, as a teacher I get to see this on a regular basis, I see a wonderful change in people’s lives as they make yoga a part of their life. Yoga really isn’t just a practice it’s a way of life. It helps with anti-aging, stress, balance, and so much more.

Try it, once you do, you’ll never look back, especially with the anti-aging benefits.

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