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Andropause: How to Deal with Male Menopause

Men go through andropause or “male menopause.”  Men suffer from changing hormones, just like women.  Symptoms of male menopause are similar to women, such as irritability, fatigue, weakness, depression and sexual problems.

The male hormone, testosterone, gradually declines as men age.  Testosterone production slowly declines for men starting at 30 years old.  Subtle changes occur as early as ages 40-45.  It gets more dramatic after age 70.  Most men might not notice this change, but it affects the quality of life through physical, mental, emotional and social effects.

Men with low levels of testomale menopausesterone experience agitation, mood swings, low energy, fatigue, libido loss, erectile dysfunction (ED), loss of confidence, sleep problems, depression, weight gain and difficulties building muscle.  Low testosterone might put men at risk for osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.

Hormonal declines aren’t limited to testosterone.  Men might experience drop-offs in adrenal and thyroid hormones.  Men over 35 years of age should see a doctor to test their hormone levels even if they do not experience significant symptoms.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Male Menopause

To boost testosterone production, “testosterone replacement therapy” might help to relieve symptoms.  This therapy could boost libido, alleviate depression and fight fatigue.  Hormone replacement therapy may pose risks to prostate cancer patients.  Please consult with your doctor about its risks and benefits before you make the decisions to address male menopause.

Lifestyle modification is the best way to maintain your testosterone level.  Eating a healthy diet, taking vitamin D and zinc supplement can support healthy levels of testosterone. Regular exercise, especially weight training to increase muscle mass, is important for maintaining normal testosterone levels.  Getting enough sleep and managing stress are both important for balancing hormones.

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