Asia's Leading Sports & Health Destination

Thanyapura Sports & Health Resort offers an active holiday destination for individuals and groups with personalized programs from sports, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

Thanyapura is an oasis for people who want an active holiday destination to rebalance and recharge using sustainable and holistic practices.  Our goal is to help you feel and perform better for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Sports & Health Packages

Thanyapura offers a modern and relaxing space that serves the active lifestyle with a friendly and energetic service. Our rooms cater to each individual’s active living goals and therefore has two wings with different atmospheres.

What's On

Daily group classes, events, cooking classes and private training all for kids and adults are just some of the things you can find going on at Thanyapura.  We also have a selection of online private & group classes so you can get involved from anywhere in the world.  Make sure you check back regularly to see what’s happening!

Fitness Group Class with Stefan at Thanyapura

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