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Cooperation Opportunities

Thanyapura is more than just hospitality, it’s a healthy lifestyle movement. A movement in which you can participate as well. We very much treasure our professional friendship with all the business partners and suppliers. You are as important as our resorts and hotels guests, and you can become part of Thanyapura’s greatest wealth. In addition to commercial and economic achievements, more importantly, Thanyapura will try to optimize your life through whole cooperation process.  

Steve Ye
VP Project Development & Marketing
+86 136 1189 6869

Let's Work Together

Thanyapura carried out in-depth cooperation with quality enterprises in all walks of life. No matter you own sports IP, or you play an important role in sports organizations. No matter you run medical institutions, or you are a professional licensed doctor. No matter you have a green organic farm, or you are a leading nutritionist. The door is always open for detailed discussion. Please inquire.