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Thanyapura China

We are eager to discover common opportunities in China due to the amazing growth of the sports and health market.

Thanyapura will not start a competition with other hospitality companies to open 30 or 50 resorts and hotels per year, but will be fully dedicated to create several well organized and mindful developed resorts and hotels each year.

What Can We Do For You?

What can we do for you? Thanyapura is committed to leveraging our existing management structures, systems, software, procedures and partnerships in the Hospitality, F&B, Health & Wellness, Sports, Events, Talent Development, and Sales & Marketing fields to ensure success in the mutual work, responsibilities, and projects.


Our 3-Phase Approach

Thanyapura Technical Service, Pre-Opening Services and Management responsibilities are typically divided (separated) into three main phases, individually planned as per requirements of the various project owners and its timeline.

Phase 1

Technical Service & Pre-Opening Early Stage

Phase 2

Technical Service & Pre-Opening Late Stage

Phase 3


Phase 1:
Technical Service & Pre-Opening Early Stage

In Phase 1, the Technical Service & Pre-Opening Early Stage, it is most important to finalize in collaboration with the architects and planners of the owners, and with local authorities the detailed master plan for the entire resort. Here detailed plans for the residential area, the hotel, food & beverage, sports facilities, the clinic and wellness center, conference center, shopping spaces, the club with kids center, the organic gardens possible other revenue centers and the back of house areas need to be decided on.

The ‘Blue Book’ for the specifics of the entire resort will be developed and handed over to the partner. Based on the detailed plans for all facilities and outlets, a more precise, 10-year financial projection plan will be developed.

Phase 1 Key Deliverables & Milestones

Phase 2:
Technical Service & Pre-Opening Late Stage

Phase 2, Technical Service & Pre-Opening Late Stage, it is focused on the detailed operation setup and preparation.

The General Manager, Director of Finance, Business Development Director, Director of Sports, the Human Resources Director and other critical executives and management staff and at a later stage all employees will be selected, hired and trained.

Based on the timelines, an operational plan including pre-opening budgets, staffing guides, branding and sales& marketing plans for the resort will be developed.

All FF&E (including furniture, china, glass, linen) and technical equipment for the clinic, sports, back of house and others will be selected.

Sports, Medical and Wellness service procedures are finalized, devices and hardware is tested and approved for use. Any government accreditation and regulations are met prior to opening.

Development of the resort’s unique information systems platforms are completed including guest apps, interactive digital displays resort wide and wearable devices.

Phase 2 Key Deliverables & Milestones

Phase 3:

Upon launch of our new resort, Thanyapura will manage and maintain the complete ongoing operation.

Thanyapura will effectively operate the resort by leveraging our extensive experience in operating Health, Wellness, Sports, Food & Beverage, Hotels, Clubs and Facilities and overlaying innovative proprietary bespoke management systems.

The key to our operational success is the culture of the people, ensuring the right people are placed in the right positions and every employee feels supported and empowered by the leadership team. Thanyapura will use our signature employee happiness programs to measure and guide the resort’s entire team from day one.

Using real time resort wide reporting providing dashboard and detail level insights into every part of the operations, Thanyapura can measure the effectiveness and profitability of any aspect of the resort and adjust accordingly to keep ahead of market trends and avoid cost overruns – giving our partner confidence and visibility over resort operations at a macro level.

Through years of experience Thanyapura is capable of taking the variety of services the resort offers and presenting it to guests in a meaningful, simple to understand way.

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