When your body tissue accumulates excessive amounts of heavy metals, your health is at risk of toxicity which adds risk to developing more serious conditions. You may even be experiencing symptoms associated with accumulated toxic heavy metals such as fatigue, brain fog and other symptoms associated with mineral imbalances.

OligoScan technology delivers an almost-instantaneous precision analysis of the minerals, trace elements and heavy metals present in the body’s tissues. The measurement is made using a portable spectrophotometer device which uses a light beam to collect and transmit data to the OligoScan off-site server, which sends the test results back in about a minute — the fastest turn-around of mineral results currently available.


The data from OligoScan will be used by your doctor to inform recommendations for the types of supplements that will produce the greatest nutritional benefits for your individual situation. Should the test results reveal toxic levels of heavy metals, your doctor will use the data to prescribe the proper chelation treatment regimen to remove the metals from your body safely and effectively.

OligoScan testing saves a significant amount of time compared to traditional measurement methods such as blood, urine or hair analysis, results of which take about two weeks. The OligoScan is completely non-invasive and pain-free.


  • THB 5,000 / Treatment
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