Glutathione is the body’s most potent antioxidant and detoxifier, and it is present in virtually every human cell. Glutathione is synthesized from three amino acids in a two-step process, beginning with the combining of glutamic acid and cysteine and ending with the addition of glycine.

Glutathione’s antioxidant properties fight the effects of ageing by destroying reactive oxygen molecules and free radicals. High concentrations of glutathione are present in the liver, where glutathione plays a critical detoxification role by binding itself to chemical pollutants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, making it easier for them to be flushed out of the body.

As we age, glutathione levels naturally decline, which can lead to worsening health. The intravenous infusion process enables high doses to be tolerated and fully absorbed by the body, and the therapy takes 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the dosage.


Detoxifies the liver, helps break down body fat; lightens skin tone; erases hyper-pigmentation and inhibits melanin production; minimises and prevents dark skin blemishes, scars and age spots; leads to brighter, clearer skin; strengthens the immune system’s prevention and disease-fighting abilities; boosts energy and mental clarity; improves sleep quality and treats sleep apnea; known for anti-ageing properties that prevent acne, skin wrinkles and fine lines.


  • From 1,500 THB
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