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Professional Healthy Lifestyle Medical

Thanyapura prides itself by having international and national partners in all fields of medicine from biotech to stem cells. We are flexible to integrate different treatments and services based on new inventions and research into our programs at any time. We work with the leading experts in various fields as well as are open to cooperate with local hospitals. 


An example of a fruitful partnership is ‘StemCells 21 (SC21)’. SC 21 is based in Bangkok, Thailand, and operates the divisions StemCells21, ImmuneCells21, IPS21 Laboratories, and the Luxury 5-star medical center – IntelliHealth+ Clinic. StemCells21 developed various protocols to optimize the harvesting, expansion, characterization, and cryo-storage of MSCs from various adult tissues.


IntelliHealth+ (IH+) are state-of-the-art medical centers licensed by the Thai Medical Authorities. IH+ are outpatient facilities with a focus on anti-aging, immunotherapy and regenerative medicine. The high level of traditional medicine and the unique protocols designed by the IH+ teams are giving patients real therapeutic benefits and longevity. The luxurious design, efficient workflow layouts, luxury & private environment and modern treatments make IH+ the ideal choice for customers seeking a premium level of healthcare in 5-star and comfort settings.

Professor Dr. Michael Klentze

Another Thanyapura partner is Thanyapura’s previous Medical Director, Professor Dr. Michael Klentze. Michael is an international well-known expert in the field of preventive medicine and endocrinology with more than 40 years of experience as a physician. Over the past decade, he has used his expertise to train doctors and to pass on his knowledge as a professor in universities in Europe, Thailand and China. His expertise and knowledge is in areas such as molecular genetics and extracts of traditional Chinese medicine.

With the help from these and other professional partners, our services will be master tailored to meet the requirements of local governments, owners and potential patients and customers considering the legal opportunities of the province we work in.

Healthy Lifestyle Clinic

Depending on the location of the resort, Thanyapura features world class, on-site clinic treatments and services practicing lifestyle-medicine with fully licensed medical practitioners and ISO accredited services & facilities. We combine the key elements for sustainable lifestyle modification for people of all ages.

Preventive & Healthy Aging Medical

Our lifestyle clinic specializes in preventive and healthy-aging medical treatments. From general health check-ups to comprehensive chronic disease reversal programs, we combine nutrition, physical and mindfulness activities under the guidance and supervision of licensed medical doctors to assist our customers to define a better self.

Thanyapura 360 Health

We offer “Thanyapura 360 Health” – a circuit of 5 individual assessments including a Lifestyle Assessment, a Body Composition Analysis, a Full Body Bio Scan, Heavy Metal & Toxin Scan and a Functional Fitness Assessment – all presented to our customers in a detailed report including lifestyle alteration recommendations. Depending on the site and permits, we are able to offer special treatments like FX MAYR, Ayurveda, chiropractic, rehabilitation, beauty and others.

Healing and Regeneration Spa

Thanyapura Healing and Regeneration Spas optimize mind and body, and bring back the spiritual balance through treatments designed to heal, restore and rejuvenate body and soul. Natural elements such as water, light, heat, sound, and energy are combined with state-of-the-art wellness and spa skills to provide a holistic lifestyle healing experience through well-defined wellness packages.

Customizable Solutions

Finnish sauna, herbal steam room, hot spring pool, infrared sauna, Hamman, and/or hydrotherapy pools are built depending on the site, owner’s preference and guests’ consumption needs. Guests will be able to explore exquisite menus of spa treatments and functional massages to meet their personal requirements.