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In a fast moving and changing world with all its ups and downs, it’s important to know yourself and to stick to your own values and philosophy. It is not easy to explain one’s personal philosophy of life, so I will try to explain mine with my definition of happiness and three proverbs.

Happiness is not what many especially young people, dominated by online marketing and social influencers believe it is. It’s not primarily about loads of money, fancy cars, jewelry or social status. 

Happiness for me is the following:

A Healthy Body

A Balanced Mind

A Good Heart

If you are ill, if you are depressed or scared, or if you are lonely, you won’t be genuinely happy. I have met the richest people owning super yachts, big villas and having fancy jobs who were disgruntled, depressed, stressed and lonely.

And I met the poorest of the poor, who were happy and well connected to family and neighbors. Neither material goods nor wealth are mandatory for happiness.  For me it’s not so important what others think of me, but I rather live by my own values, and within what I define as my personal Happiness.

There are some proverbs I often use:

1. We are the architects of our own future

When we are babies and toddlers, we need people who teach, guide and protect us. And as learning is a life-long exercise, when we grow older and become more responsible to create our own future, we need to make our own decisions. I rather look into the mirror and think about what I could have done better, than to blame others for what’s not working out in my life.

2. Power comes from inner peace

Our fast-moving world forces us always to react or make decisions in the spur of the moment without allowing time to reflect and think. The results are consequently mediocre and tends to leave us dissatisfied. I always try to take the time I need to do things properly.  

3. The journey is the destination

I strongly believe it is very important to have visions and goals, but after clearly defining these, I focus on the present. If we spend too much time on dreaming about the future, we ignore the important steps we need to get done today to be able to reach our goals at all.