Department - Sport


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Department - Sport


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Department - Sport


Thanyapura’s swim coaches and trainers are simply some of the best in Asia.

Don’t Hesitate. Motivate

A club membership at Thanyapura is the single best investment you can make in yourself. More than just a gym, our club delivers a 360º experience including world class sports facilities, top trainers and over 100 groups classes every week. You never get bored at Thanyapura. Select from a diverse range of group fitness classes designed to build strength and endurance, or work with one of our personal trainers to help you gain confidence and motivation. Everything you need to stay active and healthy is right here !

  • Purpose-built 900 sqm fitness centre
  • Over 100 group fitness classes every week
  • Personal training and fitness plans
  • Tennis courts, swimming pool, running track
  • Locker rooms with sauna, steam and cold pool

Why Thanyapura is your first choice:

  • Purpose-built 900 sqm fitness centre
  • Over 80 group fitness classes every week
  • Personal training and fitness plans
  • Free classes for members and hotel guests
  • Comprehensive core fitness program
  • Professional coaches and personal trainers


Don’t wait. Motivate and join Thanyapura in 2019 with an all-in gym membership.


Thanyapura is the BEST VALUE in sports and health today. See for yourself.


Get fit and get social with our group classes. Fun for everyone.


Understanding Player Development

Player development is not a straight line. Each player develops at a different rate – the key is to help every player, regardless of current ability, create good habits on and off the field that will help them achieve improved performance while enjoying football.

At Thanyapura, we’re focused on long term improvement over short term gain.

Tournaments, Tours and Elite Camps

Thanyapura will continue to host football tournaments while creating new ones, aimed at players from all levels, from beginner to highly competitive youth, men’s and women’s games as well as veterans competitions.

You can bring your youth or adult/veteran team here on tour from anywhere in the world to stay and play, with customized packages including games with local or regional competition and off the field activities.

Our elite football camps partner Thanyapura with top professional clubs and high level coaches from around the globe. Look out for our college showcase and ID camps for those seeking to play at university in the USA!


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Department - Sport


All facilities very good and very exclusive for sport people and good for inspection from any company who relate with sport and the cuisine very fantastic with organic product that is the highest value for money.

Department - Sport


Hotel, sport facilities and staff are excellent. If you like sport and want to enjoy pace and tranquility, Thanyapura is the place for you. Coaching is friendly and tailored for all the abilities. Infrastructure is world class.

Department - Sport


We traveled to Phuket for a family vacation but ended the trip at Thanyapura as our daughter was attending a FINA training camp for a week. We took the opportunity to work off some of the excesses.

Department - Sport


I stayed at Thanyapura recently for 10 days. This place is incredible. Every little box had been ticked, the rooms, beds, food, atmosphere etc… was all incredible!!! The sports facilities are the best!

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