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Guilin China
Guilin, Guangxi, China
James Bond Island Phuket
Phuket, Thailand
Phang Na Bay Phuket Thailand
Phang Na Bay, Phuket, Thailand
Nai Thon Beach Phuket Thailand
Nai Thon, Phuket, Thailand
Sanya Hainan China
Sanya, Hainan, China
Changshu Jiangsu China
Changshu, Jiangsu, China
Chengdu ‎Sichuan China
Chengdu City, Sichuan, China
Panda Lake Jiuzhaigou Park China
Jiuzhaigou National Park, Sichuan, China


Runnar Cloud, a Thanyapura service, is a game changing sports industry focused software as a service (SaaS) catering to marathons and other competitive sports racing events Through big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and scientific and technological innovation, Runnar provides a unique experience for participants and competitors.

Thanyapura King of the Mountain Trail Run Event


Runnar Cloud has so far accumulated more than 600 event companies in China, more than 700,000 users, as well as a growing list of registered customers buying equipment, and booking tours.  At present, Runnar Cloud platform has covered hundreds of marathon, triathlon, cycling, cross country, rowing, line dancing, square dancing, urban orienteering, fitness and outdoor activities and many other sporting events.


  • Official event website construction
  • Social communication & recommendations
  • Payments & ticket management
  • Hardware integration including event check-in devices and timing chips
  • Integrated pre-match, in-game and post-match process management
  • Personalised service through business data to support features such as event merchandise, black list & white lists, starting zones and more
Runnar Cloud by Thanyapura


Runnar Cloud, a Thanyapura owned service, is overseen by a talented internationalized team based in Chengdu, China.  We live and breathe sports events & tourism, with our team having completed more than 300 marathons in total.  We strive to change the traditional sports industry model by using big data and artificial intelligence technology so that the sports and tourism and technology can be integrated in a harmonious manner.


Runnar Cloud has won multiple awards for technology innovation including the 2019 Best Travel Service innovation company of China and much more, and has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certifications.  Contact Us to learn how we can optimise your sport events & tourism initiatives.

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