Muay Thai Circuit
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Muay Thai Circuit

“Muay Thai”, or “The Art of Eight Limbs” uses fists, elbows, feet, and knees for offensive and defensive strikes. The Thai boxing sport is thought to have originated in the 1700s, and has been Thailand’s national sport for a long time. Although it was traditionally used as a fighting tactic, it nowadays offers its students the ability to improve their physical endurance, hone their self-defensive skills and aid their personal advancement.

Muai Thai utilises the hands, elbows and legs. Punching (Chok) includes jobs, crosses, hooks, spinning backfists, overhands and upper cuts. Elbows (Sok) are used for slashes, uppercuts, thrusts, spins, chops and strikes. The knees are used for strikes, slaps and bombs, and the feet are used for thrusts.

Thanyapura’s Muay Thai Circuit martial arts class is a medium to high intensity session, designed to improve strength, increase endurance and improve participants skills in the sport. Students work the bags and pads with a trainer on drill exercises for the knees, front kicks and punches.

The class begins with a warm up session, usually running or skipping rope for 5-10 minutes to get the heart pumping. Following this, a 10-minute period of stretching and shadowboxing takes place. Afterwards, basic Muay Thai movements are taught in 3-minute rotational rounds. Bodyweight exercises are done in between each round. For more advanced students, clinching and sparring is available.

Muay Thai Class in Phuket - Methodology

  • Running or skipping rope for 5-10 minutes
  • Stretching and shadowboxing for 10 minutes
  • Basic Muay Thai movement instruction for three 3-minute rounds
  • Bodyweight exercises in between rounds
  • Clinching and sparring is available for advanced students

Why Participate?

  • Challenging workout results in improved cardiovascular performance
  • Kicking and footwork develops leg strength
  • Rotational nature of the sport increases core (abdomen) muscles
  • Kicking and kneeing movements leads to better hip mobility
  • Focusing on technique and drills provides stress relief

Additional Class Information

  • If you have any injuries, please be assessed one on one and bring a medical certificate to participate in the class.
  • Classes, coaches and venues are subject to change due to availability.
  • All classes are on “First Come, First Serve” basis and subject to availability.
  • Email: or contact Club Services.
  • Please be ready 10 mins before classes start to ensure they run on time.

What Should I Bring?

  • Towel
  • Water
  • Barefoot (no shoes or socks required)
  • Hand wraps and gloves (optional)


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Class Timetable

  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
Tuesday 11:00 11:55 Vorapong “A” Sriphet Muay Thai Stadium
11:00 - 11:55 - Vorapong “A” Sriphet - at Muay Thai Stadium

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 Open: 01/12/2017
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