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Wonderful Review-Thanyapura Relay Triathlon

Triathlon was started in the United States in the 1970s. It is a sports event created by the combination of swimming, cycling and running. It tests athletes’ physical strength and willpower and has high requirements for physical fitness. Triathlon was listed as an Olympic event by the International Olympic Committee in 1994. In 2000, the triathlon made its debut at the Sydney Olympic Games. While carrying out targeted special training for swimming, cycling and running, athletes also need comprehensive training. There can be no short board, and the entry threshold is high, which is more difficult for normal sports lovers.

To lower the threshold for interested people of triathlon, relay and mixed relay triathlon is the best entry into that kind of competition. The advantage is, that there are shorter distances and that the sport has a very positive social aspect. With the appearance of mixed relay triathlon in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, this sport appears more and more in people’s vision and attracts the attention of sports lovers all over the world. A complete and arduous triathlon is really daunting for many people even sports lovers, while the mixed relay triathlon provides a relatively low entry threshold. It is a great choice for sports lovers to understand the triathlon world. And it has a more intense and exciting race rhythm, as well as the blessing of game tactical arrangement and team cooperation. All of these add more fun to this sport activity.

Since 2018, Thanyapura has successfully held many relay triathlon events in its sports & health resort in Phuket, and relay triathlon training especially for children, teenagers as well as corporate customers has been very successful. Our competition system is based on the rules of the Olympic and international triathlon events. It is for sports lovers of all ages (12 and above) who want to challenge themselves. Every four players form a team (2 men and 2 women). Each team member needs to complete 300-meter swimming, 8-kilometer cycling and 2-kilometer running.

Generally speaking, the triathlon is a personal battle, and each contestant fights alone. In the mixed relay triathlon, the contestants encourage and promote each other in the team competition, which makes it easier to maintain firm will and high fighting spirit, and challenge and break through themselves for the collective honor. On the other hand, male and female players compete on the same stage, both of which are of equal importance to the results of the team. For the audience, the more intense and exciting mixed relay triathlon is also more ornamental and is more vulnerable to the overall sports atmosphere and wants to join it.

For teams and sports lovers who want to further improve their performance and make up for their weaknesses, Thanyapura’s professional coach team can provide a pair of institutionalized short-term and long-term training programs, supplemented by scientific eating guidance, sports rehabilitation and injury repair, so that sports lovers can achieve their goals safely, scientifically and smoothly.

For those entry-level and amateur contestants, special teams which they cannot form a team of two men and two women, young teenager team or company team/group, we will also make corresponding adjustments to the competition system and rules to reduce the entry threshold as much as possible. In order to let more people participate in sports events, and cultivate their sports habits and healthy lifestyle.

In the future, in our Thanyapura sports & health resorts which landed in China, will continue to hold all kinds of mixed relay triathlon events and activities. While providing a platform for sports lovers to show and challenge themselves, it will attract and drive more hotel guests and surrounding residents to join sports activities and become active. Also, it helps cultivate their sports habits, positive life attitude and healthy lifestyle.