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Wonderful Review-Sharapova Trained at Thanyapura Phuket

Maria Sharapova was born on April 19, 1987, a world-famous retired Russian women’s tennis player. She won the career Grand Slam for five times. In her career from 2001 to 2020, she occupied the No.1 position in the world for 21 weeks. She has excellent tennis skills and outstanding appearance. People called her “talented and beautiful girl” since the very early stage of her tennis career.

Back to 2014, Maria Sharapova ranked world No. 2 at that time. She was preparing for the BNP Paribas Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Finals 2014 held in Singapore. One of the most important things for her was to find a safe, high-quality, professional training court with no distractions which help her fully prepared for the following competition. Thanyapura health & sport resort Phuket was no doubt an excellent choice. She came to Thanyapura after her victory at the China Open in Beijing and took 7 days training in Thanyapura Phuket. During her spare time in the training period, she kindly shared her success with other athletes who trained in Thanyapura.


“It’s my second time to Phuket,” Sharapova said. “I actually came here on holiday a few years ago. I had a great holiday with my friends, but it’s a little different this time round with training and getting ready for one of the biggest tournaments of the year, but I don’t think there’s a better place to be other than here. It’s always nice when you train in an environment where it’s really a sports facility and you’re surrounded by staff that are professionals, and other athletes. I think just walking through the grounds and seeing people doing their thing really brings the best out of you and brings a level of commitment and hard work.”

Sharapova generously took the time out to share some of the secrets of her success at Thanyapura. “I’ve really been into green juices this year, so I’ve been making them with kiwi, cucumber, kale, mint and pineapple or apple to give it a bit of sweetness. That’s been pretty much my go-to juice,” she said. The ‘Sharapova Smoothie’ is still available at Thanyapura.

As time went by, tennis, an elegant and fun sport, has gradually become popular, attracting more and more sports lovers in China. Many hotels and resorts have set up tennis courts one after another, but only providing courts and facilities may not be able to meet the needs of guests. Especially for some tennis beginners, fail to obtain timely and targeted scientific guidance, may indirectly increases the difficulty of getting started and makes them lose interest in tennis easily.

Thanyapura is a perfect combination of facilities and guidance. We will continue to make full use of our advantageous resources in the field of tennis, provide high-quality tennis venues with the world’s top equipment and facilities, and provide high-level scientific guidance with a professional and high-quality coach team, so as to serve the sports lovers in Thanyapura resorts in China and create a great sports atmosphere.