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Wonderful Review – “Future Star” Triathlon Training Camp

Triathlon is a comprehensive sport, which combines swimming, cycling and running. It challenges the physical ability and willpower of athletes. It is also rated as one of the ten most attractive sports in the world. Because of its unique charm, more and more sports lovers participate in it. Some well-known triathlon events even have to “grab” the places to participate the competition.

The popularity of triathlon is not without reasons. Participants can get various benefits from it. First of all, because it integrates swimming, cycling and running, it has a positive and comprehensive impact on the improvement of people’s physical ability, sports ability and organ function, and develop the whole body in good balance. Secondly, like other sports, it can also help people fight against various pressures in their own lives, regulate their emotions and maintain an optimistic attitude. In addition, triathlon itself is a sport with relatively higher difficulty and intensity, which not only tests the athletes’ sports ability, but also challenges the athletes’ willpower and perseverance. The satisfaction and confidence gained by participants through constantly challenging themselves and climbing the peak may be more fascinating.


Perhaps driven and influenced by their parents, more and more children and teenagers have also participated in this sport. Taking full advantage of its top sports facilities and experienced professional coach team, Thanyapura Phuket Sports & Health Resort provides an excellent choice for “little iron man” to cultivate their sports habits and improve their sports ability – “Future Star” triathlon training camp.

“Future star” triathlon training camp is specially carried out by Thanyapura for children and teenagers. Every “little iron man” will receive skill assessment before entering the camp to ensure safety and science-based training. For children who are young and do not have much sports foundation, we make full use of the children’s playful nature, combine education with fun, start with team games with less intensity but full of interest, and gradually establish sports foundation and improve physical ability. For teenagers who have a certain understanding of triathlon and want to further improve their swimming, cycling and running skills, we have tailor-made training plans, from fine technical action guidance to comprehensive tactical analysis and necessary competitive psychological counseling, and spare no effort to train young elite triathlon athletes.

In addition to training, we also hold monthly and annual competitions. Children will experience all kinds of ups and downs in sports competitions, gain self-confidence, encounter setbacks, compete with each other, cooperate and help each other. Various experiences in sports competitions are of great significance to their healthy development of body, mind and soul.

Over the years, the “Future Star” triathlon training camp as well as similar organized training camps for tennis, football, swimming or fitness in Thanyapura Phuket Sports & Health Resort has planted the seeds of sports habits and healthy lifestyle in the hearts of groups of children and teenagers, which is deeply loved by parents and young athletes. In the future, we will also carry out all kinds of children’s and teenagers’ sports training camps in Thanyapura resorts in China. Starting from children and teenagers to help build a healthy China.