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Wonderful Review-Future Star Tennis Training Camp

A strong youth makes a strong country, and a smart youth makes a wise country. Since ancient times, it has always been of extraordinary significance to ensure the vigorous growth of the children and teenagers, and sports is one of the key elements for teenagers to achieve “strong” and “smart”. Exercise can not only regulate the endocrine system, promote the physical development of teenagers and improve their physical quality but also stimulate and activate brain cells, promote brain development and improve logical thinking ability. More importantly, it can alleviate academic pressure, adjust mental state and improve learning efficiency.

Interest is the best teacher. To cultivate children’s and teenagers’ sports habits, we must first cultivate their interest in sports. For the majority of parents, instead of painstakingly selecting “suitable” sports for their children and forcing them to exercise, it is better to encourage children to participate in all kinds of sports. So that they can make their own choices after experiencing the fun of sports and parents can give appropriate guidance according to their sports feedback.

Taking full advantage of its top tennis sports facilities and professional coach team, Thanyapura Phuket Sports & Health Resort in Thailand provides an excellent choice for families and local residents to cultivate children’s and teenagers’ sports habits and improve their sports ability – “Future Star” tennis training camp.

“Future star” tennis training camp is specially carried out by Thanyapura for children and teenagers aged from 3 to 18. Every little guest will receive skill assessment before entering the camp to ensure safety and science-based training. For children who are young and do not have much Tennis Foundation, we make full use of the children’s playful nature, combine education with fun, start with team games with less intensity but full of interest, and gradually establish sports foundation and improve physical ability. For teenagers who have a certain understanding of tennis and want to further improve their skills, we have tailor-made training plans, from fine technical action guidance to comprehensive tactical analysis and necessary competitive psychological counseling, and spare no effort to train young elite tennis players.

In addition to training, we also hold monthly and annual competitions. Children will experience all kinds of ups and downs in sports competitions, gain self-confidence, encounter setbacks, compete with each other, cooperate and help each other. Various experiences in sports competitions are of great significance to their healthy development of body, mind and soul.

Over the years, the “Future Star” tennis training camp as well as similar organized training camps for triathlon, swimming, fitness, running, or mountain biking in Thanyapura Phuket Sports & Health Resort has planted the seeds of sports habits and healthy lifestyle in the hearts of groups of children and teenagers, which is deeply loved by parents and young athletes. In the future, we will also carry out all kinds of children’s and teenagers’ sports training camps in Thanyapura projects in China. Starting from children and teenagers to help build a healthy China.