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Wonderful Review – “Future Star” Swimming Camp

Swimming has a very long history. As early as in ancient times, people living near the water had to deal with water frequently in the process of predation, migration and war because of the needs of survival and the impact of the environment. In order to survive, people began to observe aquatic animals and amphibians, and gradually mastered the survival skill of swimming by learning and imitating their every move in the water. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living conditions, swimming has evolved from a survival skill to a well-known and highly respected sport.

Swimming is a very comprehensive sport with many benefits. When swimming, the muscles of upper limbs, lower limbs, shoulders, neck, waist, abdomen, back, etc. will all participate in the sport, which has an excellent effect on enhancing muscle strength, reducing excess fat and shaping a good body shape. All organs of the body will not be idle, especially the heart and lungs. Swimming has a very positive impact on the enhancement of cardiopulmonary function and the improvement of vital capacity. The pressure of life often makes people breathless. You might as well go for a swim in the water to calm your mind, feel the massage from the water, and relieve the pressure with the endorphins produced by exercise.


For teenagers and children, swimming is an excellent choice to promote growth and development of the body, strengthen their physique, improve their physical function and maintain their physical and mental health. The Aquatic Training Center of Thanyapura Phuket Sports & Health Resort is a FINA approved professional training center.  Swimming teams and elite swimmers from many countries have trained here. Thanyapura taking full advantage of its top swimming facilities and professional coach team, while serving professional athletes, provides an excellent choice for families and local residents to cultivate children’s and teenagers’ sports habits and improve their sports ability – “Future Star” swimming camp.

“Future star” swimming camp is specially carried out by Thanyapura for children and teenagers. Every little guest will receive skill assessment before entering the camp to ensure safety and science-based training. For children who are young and do not have much swimming skills, we are oriented towards healthy growth. We make full use of the children’s playful nature, combine education with fun activities, gradually establish their sports foundation and improve their physical ability. More importantly, establish children’s reverence for water through safety education. For teenagers who have a certain understanding and skill of swimming and want to further improve their abilities and skills, we have tailor-made training plans, from fine technical action guidance to comprehensive physical training and necessary competitive psychological counseling and spare no effort to train young elite swimmers.

In addition to training, we also hold monthly and annual competitions from time to time. Children and teenagers will experience all kinds of ups and downs in sports competitions, gain self-confidence, encounter setbacks, compete with each other, cooperate and help each other. Various experiences in sports competitions are of great significance to their healthy development of body, mind and soul.

Over the years, the “Future Star” swimming camp as well as similar organized training camps for triathlon, tennis, fitness, running, or mountain biking in Thanyapura Phuket Sports & Health Resort has planted the seeds of sports habits and healthy lifestyle in the hearts of groups of children and teenagers, which is deeply loved by parents and young athletes.

However, swimming has its risks. We all have heard of the tragic drowning caused by not doing enough preparatory activities or swimming in unknown open waters. In the coming hot summer, Thanyapura called on parents to carry out relevant safety education for children, choose formal training institutions and sports venues with complete facilities, and let the children gradually feel the joy of swimming under the guidance of professional coaches and the care of lifeguards. In the future, we will also carry out all kinds of children’s and teenagers’ sports training camps in Thanyapura projects in China. Let the children swim happily and let the parents rest assured.