Valentine Ideas: Perfect Triathlete Gifts


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I’ve collated some great valentine ideas and gifts that triathlete’s of all ability will love along with a loving message to insert in the card.

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Stay at Thanyapura

valentines idea gift


  • World class sporting facilities and coaches, ideal for triathlon training.
  • Relaxing holiday? And/or sweating hard training camp.
  • Located in Phuket, so you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, shopping and epic diving.

Card Insert:
I know our relationship will workout. So let’s celebrate by working out in paradise.

New Bike

 new bike


  • You can never have too many bikes.
  • .. you can never have too many bikes.

Card Insert:

Our love is like riding a bike, the more time I spend with you, the stronger I become; even though you can be a pain in the butt sometimes!


$ $

Entry to a Race

Triathlon race


  • Show your support by purchasing an entry to a race for your partner.
  • An entry to destination race to have a triathlon filled holiday.
  • Add Laguna Phuket Tri-Festival to these valentine ideas after a stay at Thanyapura!

Card Insert:

You make my heart race. Time for you to race with your heart.


Funky Socks

 Valentines gift ideas


  • It’s dope to sock dope.
  • Stand out in training or in a race for your partner to see you.
  • Or buy matching socks for your perfect match.


Card Insert:

When I wish you would put a sock in it, at least have a pair that looks good.


Cycling Shoes

triathlon shoes


  • Like bikes you can have more than one pair of cycling shoes (road/triathlon specific). Tri shoes are similar to cycling shoes, but will generally have one velcro strap (no buckle) for a fast and easy transition or upgrade to carbon shoes for increased stiffness and lighter weight.

Card Insert:

Since you’re my soul mate I thought your feet need a sole mate too.




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