Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat…Living Like a Pro at Thanyapura: When your family comes with you

So life is all about balance right? If so, how the heck can you broach the subject of the ultimate swim, bike, run training camp in Phuket without your better half looking like they are about to lynch you…….bring the family with you!

Triathlon, especially Ironman is a pretty selfish sport at the best of times and although we are very good at getting up at o’ ridiculous o’clock in the morning to get our long bike done in time for the kids breakfast, ultimately triathlon can throw us out of whack with reality!

Sometimes compromise is a must, after all in the grand scheme of things family, friends and life in general has to come out on top, there’s always another day for another ride or another race but time with friends and family is precious!

Soooooooo how’s about a compromise that I think everyone will like…..a family trip to Thanyapura! Sun, sea, sand and of course triathlon, what more could everybody want!?

For the kids:

Not only are there miles of golden sandy beaches to play on or beautiful clear ocean to splash in outside the Thanyapura resort but inside the resort there is an abundance of activities to keep the kiddies entertained….


kids2-150x150 (1)

From 9am until 6pm Monday to Friday Thanyapura is a child’s wonderland — the Kids Club creates a unique, inviting atmosphere for children from 4 to 8 years old in which they learn and develop in a fun-filled environment at our child-friendly facilities.

Kids activities are supervised and managed by fully qualified attendants ensuring your child has a safe and fun time when in our care.  There is also an arts and crafts area, indoor and outdoor active play areas, and a cinema corner showing a range of children’s television programmes and movies. Heaps to keep the kiddies well and truly entertained!



5-day camps for age 4-16yrs who are looking for a mixture of sport and fun. The program is also specially designed for youngsters who are into different sport focus. Come and fill up your days with two different sport camps.

We have swim camps for all abilities. Be it beginner swimmer or ready to race swimmer Thanyapura has the coaches and the facilities to cater for every level of swimmer in a fun and friendly environment.


Superkidz Triathlon

Thanyapura SUPERKIDZ creates lots of fun activities and opportunities for children to get involved in sport.  In particular Multisport! Now I know you can practically see you bank balance drop in front of you if your kids take up triathlon as we all know it’s an expensive sport but let them have a crack at it!

After all triathlon is way more than swim, bike, run, there is a lot of fun and friendships to be made too as I am sure you are aware and Thanyapura certainly makes it a fun filled yet educational place to be! Click here to find out all you need about the races!



Learning to swim is a valuable life skill. Lessons are available for babies, children and adults, providing a wide range of skills to ensure they are safe and confident in the water, and develop a correct swimming technique.

If that’s not enough there is also a cool play park, the hotel pool to splash around in or you can pop out to explore the sights, sounds and smells of Phuket. There’s over 30 beaches for you to enjoy with your family as your kids build sand castles on the beach and paddle in the ocean, the dreaded “Mum I’m bored” will never be muttered!

For the adults:

So while the kids are playing either with the mad triathlete in your family who has finished training or having a ball in the kids club, you have this weird thing called ‘time’ and thankfully in Phuket there’s plenty to do!

You could go to a mindfulness class, take a yoga class or join in with one of the core classes all of which are held multiple times a day. You could hire a bike yourself and go for an adventure, sweat it out in the gym or team up with one of the tennis coaches for a lesson or just a good solid hit out.

However if that all seems a tad too energetic then you could simply chill by pool side with a good book or hide from the mid day heat in the boost bar and enjoy a yummy smoothie or treat yourself to some pampering in the spa! You could also go for a walk, a jog or even just for some sun bathing action on one of the golden, deserted sandy beaches that surround the Phuket coastline….


Or you could chill in the pool with a coconut…now that’s relaxing!

coconut times

Together time:

So after your swim, bike or run is done for the day or maybe you even have a rest day, shhhhhhh, there is so much you can do as a family while in Phuket. One of my highlights was jumping on a boat for a day trip to the Ko Phi Phi islands! This was a magical day! I swam with fishies, strolled through the island markets, drank fresh coconut water, found some monkeys and wandered on golden sand on stunning island beaches! An amazing day out!


Of course there are many other trips too, James bond Island, the turtle sanctuary, the gigantic Buddha, the beaches or even just go for a drive around this magical island! There is so much to be done!


So I hope this tantalizes the taste buds! I have already told you how good the swim, bike, run is out here but now you can see it’s not just all train and no play, there is so, so much more to do here for the whole family! Guilt free training, sorted!!!

Emma J

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